1. LionHeart

    A program for .gifs

    More specificaly I need a program that speeds up gifs or lowers their frame count. Does anyone know of any?
  2. Goku Razor

    Question About Animated Gifs

    Hey all, sorry to like.. bother everyone with this thread I wasn't quite sure where to put it. I was wondering if there is a good site to find Dragon Ball Z Animated Gifs, taken from the show? I have looked and I can only find those little sprites. If anyone can help it would be greatly...
  3. S

    fighting gifs D: (warning, some strong language)

    heh, i downloaded this program which is pretty cool and me and my mate keen bean (Ste >_>) took it in turns to do some, this is what we came up with: if you wanna have a go at the software (freeware) check out this thread at...
  4. crazykorean10

    Something that ticks me off about those GIFs

    When a new person to Flash,Jasac(SP),etc, THINK THAT ITS A SLIDE SHOW YOU HAVE TO MOVIE ONE BY ONE YOU HAVE ENOUGH ROOM IT ISNT A SLIDE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When i first used Flash i ASKED someone to help.... which really didnt help so i went on asearch for TUTORIALS you should do that...
  5. Goku SSJ3


    i am wondering how to make gifs.. that is, what program to use for making them from those lil pictures, how to add them together and all that with it.. just that..
  6. samurai^Kurai

    DBZ Gifs

    does someone know a good gif site for dbz? the gifs on the site shouldn´t be from a snes game, they should be from the series/films.
  7. Z

    Saving gifs...

    For some reason...I cant save gif images onto my computer. I used to be able to but now for some reason it only lets me save them as .bmp. Any help is appreciated.
  8. M

    Check My Gifs :)

    hey check my 4 gifs and tell me what u like BEST. If u like them i will make (500frames) Gif with all charachters :laff: that will be hard work but i like making the gifs and then see them... anyways here are the 4 sites
  9. Amayirot Akago

    DBZ Gifs

    I'm looking for Dragonball Z Animated Gif Files, with footage from the show; in particular, when Vegeta is being possessed by Babidi; anyone know where I can find it?
  10. S

    stupid gifs

    well, this is pretty simple, some animated gifs on my computer (not on my computer but on the net) work fine, but others just show the first frame, and nothing else.... but if i download the gif it works on my computer, so has nebody got ne idea's?
  11. GMan

    DBZ Gifs

    I've made a collection for myself because I was very bored. "Original" are GIFs that I've created from episodes, and "Edited" are GIFs I've found somewhere on the internet and have tried to improve a bit. I only posted my favorite GIFs that looked good...
  12. Morrone

    Question on Animated Pictures

    I'm just curious as to how to make these animated pictures with multiple slides put together to create a moving picture. I heard somewhere that your suppose to use .GIFs. Is this true and how would I go about it? Thanks for your time.
  13. Z

    some gifs ive made

    ive gotten a little better but not much what do u think i should do to get better at it , and to fix the quality as well <img src= > <img src= > <img src= > <img...
  14. shadow16

    Viewing Models in ESF

    This is a mixed of ESF-Chat and Modelling -I just wanted to know how do u record vids and make them into gifs like the ones like pr3 made in his sig. The command is like -record demo "name of demo" -stop demo..what ever... - but when i stop says demo completed and says...
  15. Epedemic_Optikz

    Post Some Of The Best Animated Gifs

    Post Some Of The Best Animated Gifs You Have Ever Seen. This is my favorite so far,gotta luv Mecha-Goku,He kinda ownz everyone except Gogeta n Vegetto. EDIT:Who Luvs Gohan???
  16. S

    Animated Gif

    Just a Gif i made that is DBZ themed.. wanted to know what u think...
  17. saiyanslayer

    Animated GIF Maker

    Alo alo Which program do you use to make animated pics? I'm at a loss trying to figure out which one to use.
  18. Marauder

    sigs position

    well as you c my sig has two gifs that r vertical and i want them to b horizontal, how do i do that?
  19. R@!D3R

    Fast Sig..?

    What you guys think.........? Didn't take long but I think it needs more.... Any idea's...
  20. Majin Saiyajin

    New Vegeta Model

    I don't know if anyone else has noticed... but there is one little thing that could be fixed on the vegeta model for the new beta version of esf. :rolleyes: The crack between vegeta's legs go up past the shading of his crotch. It sort of makes him look like a chick ;) :p In addition, 'even...