1. D

    Need step by step info on geting server.

    Ok i want to buy a server for ESF, i live on east coast , new york, so i guess i need a server for that location or somthing like that right? well heres the problem ... i suck at computers, i knwo some stuff but pretty much, im a computer noob. So what i want is to be told what to do...
  2. G

    i keep geting load library error

    Question: Whenever I try to launch ESF I get "could not load library ...\half-life\esf\client.dll" can u plz gave me the step by step on how to do this cause the last thread that had it show how to do it but i didnt understand.
  3. Z

    Im geting hte feeling

    Im geting the feeling this is just a plain out stress test for the fans eh? keeps peeps waiting for anotehr 8 hours i bet half of u are already bald because ur riping ur hair out...