Need step by step info on geting server.

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Sep 2, 2005
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Ok i want to buy a server for ESF, i live on east coast , new york, so i guess i need a server for that location or somthing like that right?

well heres the problem ... i suck at computers, i knwo some stuff but pretty much, im a computer noob.

So what i want is to be told what to do step by step to get my own dedicated server for esf. I just want like a 10 man server, be able to give others admin, slap people for fun :D, all that good stuff.

Now i guess first thing i need, where do i go to buy a server...

somone gave me this link before ...

and it seems good to me, i actualy just subscribed to pay pal but it says i have to wait like 3 -4 days to even start puting money in pay pal account through credit card so ... i guess im waitin for that too...

Now is this site reliable? i dont see any reviews or nothin about them .... and after i buy the server, what am i suppose to receive anyway ?

Ok let me stop typeing now, i just kinda want a step by step thing of where i have to go, and what i have to do , to get my own dedicated server going as soon as possible ... i dont wanna pay to much more then 20 bucks a month so if you know of a good place to buy server with that price please link it to me.

thanks for any help i can get from ... anyone who responds to this.

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