1. gigirs50

    dr gero lab

  2. Blashix

    New Gero map for ESF

    New Nice PotW !
  3. $

    Dr. Gero Lab ???????

    Ok this map is already on esf1.2.3 but everytime I try to play it, it begins to load then it goes back to the esf menu Is this map playable @ all???
  4. Skyrider

    Imkongkong's Gero's Lab Map

    I remember this map quite a while ago, man.. This is and still is an awesome map. Readme Download Link: - MoDDB
  5. S

    Chace of android 16 and gero being in?

    I think they should add them, 16 moreso than gero
  6. S

    Gero water problem

    im not sure if any1 else has noticed, but sumtimes when u get melee'd into the water, you get stuck just below the surface in the animation of falling from a melee attack, usually u need a beam to move you again. Any1 else seen this?
  7. P

    Stuck On Map Gero, Thrown into water stuck

    I searched for these things i noticed, so please dont yell at me if its been said before I threw my friend into the water and he got stuck like this on the surface of the water and i had to kick him out on map gero And heres me stuck also on map gero somehow.
  8. phrack50

    Map Request Dr geros lab

    i have yet to have seen even a decent Dr Gero map for quake, but I'd really like to see one in esf. Heres a few ideas to start off with, if anyone wants to take the challenge. Outside the lab - Can use the same theme as ESF_Riverside Inside the lab - Computers, blinking lights, and of...
  9. shadow16

    Android 20/Dr. Gero's origin

    I know he was first in DragonBall in the RR Army but is there a videos/Episoides/Pictures that show him when he was in there? If so, tell me the link... Thanks
  10. Morrone

    Trans Sound Pack Coming Soon

    Ok thanks to a lil help from VenGaurd I've been getting started with making some new trans sounds for ESF. I warn you this is specifically my style that is being instrumented into this pack, so the critism I would like to recieve should not be about whether you like the sounds I've chosen but if...
  11. Z

    DR. Gero

    I think it would be a great idea if dr. Gero was a character.
  12. M

    dr gero's hideout level

    there ought to be a level featuring a dr gero style expansive hideout, including a large outdoor cliffy area around the entrance.