1. Deathshot

    Germany decides to abandon nuclear power by 2022

    "BERLIN – Germany's coalition government decided early Monday to shut down all of the country's nuclear power plants by 2022, a policy change prompted by Japan's nuclear disaster, the environment minister said. Meanwhile, the country's seven oldest reactors taken off the grid pending safety...
  2. sub

    Germany to ban all violent video games Those crazy germans..... edit: Still has to pass parliament. Anyone in Germany have any idea how likely this is to get through parliament?
  3. elcor

    Spain vs Germany

    hei guys,tomorow is the play spain vs gemany ,i like know what do you think about this and who will be the winner. for me SPAIN.
  4. The Deco

    Turkey - Germany vote!!

    Who wins?? Choose an option and say what you think about the upcoming game and who wins and why he wins!! Germany wins, because they are german.
  5. DragonDude

    Giant Insect Invades Germany,10.205451&spn=0.002404,0.006738&om=1 Head for the hills! o_o In related news, we've lost contact with DJ-Ready. His whereabouts as well as his fate are currently unknown.
  6. .Maze

    Germany 0 : Italy 2

    Germany lost the Game tonight :( :( Italy scored 2 Goals in the Last 2 minutes, of the Game. Was an Good Game, but sadly Germany didnt made it now into the Final Game of the WorldCup:(
  7. CS-LAND

    Romania - Germany (Soccer Game)

    Ok, I am romanian(the only on the forum) and I think I may create some enemyes on the forums by posting this. But I CAN'T STAND THIS I MUST SAY IT! ROMANIA 4 - 0 GERMANY And it's only half-time! hihihi I am so happy... Wonder what the final score will be :) Go Romania!!!! :yes: btw...
  8. Lord Killmore

    ESF more popular in Germany?

    I want to send ESF to a popular Magazine in Germany called: PC Action! I made all the preparations all i need is to know how you guys think about it? I also want to send some Maps and Models(of course with the original Credits!) I also wanted to send some of Pro´s models but since his site...
  9. E

    What the USA knows about Germany!

    Today a friend of mine sent a mail to me with an extract of an article of a german newspaper! In this article there were questions listed, that had been asked by american pupils!! I was shocked when I read these questions: -What language do you speak in Germany? (Hillsboro, Oregon) -Is...
  10. U


    HI iam new here but i comming from germany is anyone german here
  11. P

    The release date in Germany

    Can it please adjust ? We have than 28th November 2clock I think its unfair for the german guys A german player Thank you :cry: :cry: :cry:
  12. G

    i need

    I need some nice models for ESF please give me a mirror(My english isn't so good because i'm from germany)
  13. F


    what do you think?
  14. X

    Need some Germany's to chat.

    those who has been in the ''Flood acident'' please add me on ICQ or AIM or MSNM. Aim Name: Xsisthedj MSNM: [email protected] Icq: 161454202 thnx
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