1. L

    Guild Wars 2 Gathering

    So, Guild Wars 2 is upon us. Little time left to release. I wanted to ask who here has it / will get it ? If there are plenty of us who do/will we should be setting up a guild or something once the game gets out.
  2. A

    Magic the gathering

    does anyone around here plays magic? because I have been collecting for about 4 years now, and I want to know if anyone around here plays it. and for those of you which are collecting for for a decent amount of time: what deck do you have?
  3. I

    Summer Revolution Gathering

    Post yer Summer Revolution Sigs here! :p It's all ET's idea.
  4. S

    Magic the gathering

    I am looking for a couple of cards for magic, Dragon tyrant x3 Eternal Dragon x3 Dragon Whelp x3 if anyone could guess i'm making a dragon deck. But i still need some cards would like info
  5. NightShade

    Magic the gathering...

    I got warcraft 3. and i am into it. but it got boring to me on the second day. 60 bucks wasted ugh. SO now i am trying to be wise on spending money. So... This program comes in with my all time fav card game. I even based my name on one of the cards they made called NightShade_Seer... Now i got...
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