1. R

    Ryoko's Garnet....

    harharhar Crits,comments and flames pls :p I won't mind a few friendly pointers as to what I did wrong (I know 1,I'm sloppy with shading faces :\) And credits.... Ryoko - Lineart Me - Coloring it.... EDIT : As to why I'm not posting in the other topic....look how old it is :\
  2. Ryoko

    VERY WIP Princess Garnet drawing

    * If that doesnt work, click this link: * I have yet to clothe her but theres nothing on show ^_^ I cleanded up the lines a lot compared to the old version. And yes, I know she has no nose ><
  3. owa

    Garnet Indy Art

    Hey, Just go there and tell me what you think, either here or comment there.
  4. Ryoko

    Princess Garnet signature

    I guess I am in a FFIX mood as I recently completed it :o Check my current signature and avatar and please comment ^_^
  5. Ryoko

    A Final Fantasy 9 wallpaper

    I made a new wallpaper! And it isn't of Ryoko o_o What do you guys think?