1. Jimdapredator


    i was watching some old episodes of naruto (gaara arc) and i sorta wondered if gaara was part of a specific clan or bloodline i wondered this because everywhaere iv looked ppl say that gaara can manipulate sand because of the shukaku BUT in one of the episodes that speaks about his past you...
  2. Barney

    Gaara Sig - Many Versions

  3. dan_esf_fanatic

    Gaara sig.

    It's nothing special, I made it in a rush, just for fun. Well, CRIT
  4. Barney

    Gaara Sig

    Yea so this sig I recently made and it's one that I've made after a long while of not making sigs so what do ya'll think?
  5. M

    The Avatar vs. Gaara of the Sand

    I was just thinking about it, now we are talking about the kid Gaara, not the teenager, and the avatar, the kid that looks similar to Krillin with a blue arrow printed on his head. Now we know that Gaara controls sand, and can manipulate it easily, and the Avatar can control water and air...
  6. Ravendust

    Zabuza or Gaara?

    I was re-watching the earlier episodes of Naruto earlier and got to the part where Kakashi first encounters Zabuza. Kakashi explains to Naruto about the Chuunin exam for the Hidden Mist village, about how the Genins are pitted against each other in fights to the death. It then showed a shot of a...
  7. TeKNiK

    Gaara of the Desert.

    :o polycount is 2092 triangles. It's for a mod that a friend and I started a couple of months ago. Critz/Comments.
  8. TeKNiK

    Gaara Tag o/

    I've made a few gaara tag's in the past, but that was a long time ago and they for the most part sucked. So I decided to make a new one :O.
  9. A

    Gaara Wall Paper

  10. Damaera

    Gaara Wall Paper

  11. Enix

    Gaara CG

    This is my first CG evah! Im really happy about it, as you may know its a recreation of one of the original anime screens. But i did make it from scratch, starting with the lineart. Then the color, the blending and the final touches.
  12. Soulicro

    Is a sig for Gaara Kun!! :O

    Yup, I made a siggeh for my buddy Gaara Kun. C&C are appreciated. Gaara, if you want anything added changed or modified just ask meh. Hope you like it.
  13. H

    Inspiration at its peak, Gaara Returns!

    Well, it isn't normal Gaara, this is..TEH EVUL GAARA OF [email protected] Heh, I got a nice topic name going, I should copyright it...buahaha! Well, yea...heh..started today, finished today >_< And, I know the tail is kinda ****ty, but really? all its gonna do is wave ^^; Polycount : 1902 Not...
  14. D

    New Gaara Walls

    Ok, well I wanted to make another wall, but in the end, something felt wrong, so I dimmed the top and bottom, you can be the judge of which one you like better, oh, and brushed bg =x I think it really fits with Gaara.
  15. M

    Maistro AMV : Naruto vs Gaara

    Heyzz I recently made another AMV , tell me what you guys think Greetings Maistro
  16. H


    Gaara! - Completed?! O_O Wheeeee...I wonder how many people are punching their monitor going "Damn't! Not more Naruto ****!" kekeke O_o yea... Anyway, I modeled Gaara because, well, ****, I was bored O_o Polycount : In the 1500's Overall, I have to say Gaara HAS to be the hardest...
  17. A

    Gaara *WIP*

    here is gaara unskinned, i started him this morning and didnt feel like stoping at all so here is my wip right now, in the skinning phase.
  18. -Origin

    New favourite signature!! Gaara strikes again!

    Here's a new favourite signature, I really like this one:
  19. -Origin

    New Gaara signature.

  20. Suh Dude


    i know the font doesnt fit but hey, i like the font ^^ and dont crit the font crit everthing else :)