1. 1_heart_boobies

    photoshop problems...

    after installing photoshop, and starting it up for the first time a popup window came up and said: "you currently have adobe photoshop's primary scratch and window's primary paging file on the same volume, which can result in reduced performance. It is recommended that you set adobe...
  2. 1_heart_boobies

    photosop is confusing.....

    man...i just bought a photoshop 7.0 and was on those online tutorial things. i tried to do that ice text thing and failed 8/ photoshop is hard...
  3. Ultra33Gokussj3

    GT Vegeta Pack

    I have a new edit a GT Vegeta as norm/ss/sulful50% but no baby et (soon):laff: Credit to real modeler of Vegeta Heres the pic: Is it good or bad?
  4. S


    Hi, ok you problly already have got this idea...but woudlnt it be cool if you could fuse with teammembers to take on stronger opponets you could have like either trunks and goten stlye fusing or you need to collect speacial earings so you can fuse you would also need new models obviouslly but...
  5. Wangster

    a question.

    i am a starting modeler, and i would like to ask how to make my shape 3D, i use milkshape, when i import a background in the front view and make the verts and faces, then i have this flat thing, so my question is, if i make the other sides with verts en faces, will the head be 3D??
  6. C

    I need help!

    Will someone please help me start a model? Or at least give me the best tutorial for beginners? Ive seen a few tutorials and they are all dumb and confusing. they dont really explain Thank You
  7. Z

    piccolo % krillin

    are there any krillin or piccolo models out there?
  8. rarthax221


    shouldn't there be like a forum for model posts and updates ect and then have requests in diff forum. :)
  9. A


    I need some photoshop help. I just got photoshop 7 yesterday and I nees some help: 1. How do I make the grid lines? I see a lot of you have grid lines in your sigs. How do you make em? 2. How do you fade things? 3. Hod do you create cool borders. Kind of like the border in my curent sig...
  10. 2


    it wuld be relly cool if future betas culd hab fusion! but maybe it'z impossible wif hl engine... not sure though. cuz i wuld lub to see vegeta nd goku fuse! nd goten nd trunks! it wuld be wicked! thats all!:shocked: :shocked: :shocked:
  11. Z


    I think that they maybee could make some fusion in esf?? like: Vegeta and Goku stand Beside Each Other and then both of them click on a button at the same time and maybee they should have three tryes and the they would be split up and they can not fuse in about 5 min exept if they are...
  12. SierraSonic

    Fusing Aura's

    Ok this is for appearance. When two people stand by each other with aura's on, the aura's should seem to start fusing. Kinda like the normal auras except they become one huge. One with both colors mixing in a swirl.
  13. Darkness


    do u use milkshape if so could you help me