1. Syed Noman

    How about giving Tutorial of how to make esforces maps to fans

    hi guyz, this is my second suggestion how about teaching the Fans the Tutorial of how to make maps for esforces:confused: in this way esforces can get fan work and also the mapping work will be reduce from the esforces team :) and also fans can show their love for esforces.:love: in this way we...
  2. V

    i fused wit a bot but hes all squared when fusion complete

    i fused wit a bot but hes all squared when fusion complete
  3. blackplague

    Mapping help, and some questions

    I need a mountain turrain for my map, its called esf_rivals, and its coming out good, and i also need a big lake, if anyone can help, please post... and whats the model name for the trees? my question, how do u make the map so lighty? i've tried everything and it still wont light up...
  4. Z

    Trunks Reskin .

    :o Any critts :o
  5. A

    Rendering help.

    Just wondering, is thier anyway I can open something in bryce, that I made in milkshape, so i can render it? o_o :confused:
  6. Celticus

    frieza's transformation

    can anyone make new transformations for frieza form 3 and frieza form 4 :confused: :confused: if i play the game frieza 3 whon't fit in the ball: it looks realy ugly!!!
  7. G

    !!!Question about Skining!!!

    How do I make skins for ESF :confused: :confused: :confused: I know how to make skins for GTA 3 and VC and The Sims, is it the same:confused: :confused: :confused: PLease answer!!
  8. MinesSkylineR34

    3dsm is hard

    SM was right :\ its 100x harder than bryce a few ques how do u render something, when i got rendering>render(F10) it had no ok button?? just a bunch of options?? how do u drag things like in this tutorial i saw? http://www.bluesfear.com/tutorials/3DCrystals.htm how do you move the shapes...
  9. G

    Can Someone...

    cab someone please give me a link for a tutorial to make midels or skins?...:confused:
  10. S

    Powered up piccolo, big dissapointment

    I like playing piccolo and i think that he needs a new model or clothes or something when he gets all powered up. Maybe a new , better move like super beam cannon,.
  11. J

    I need advice

    Which editor should i download if i wanted to edit or create my own character :confused:
  12. SSj Goten

    Help with kame sprtie

    Can Some one please tell me what the sprite is for the kame torpedoes please:confused:
  13. Lethal_Vegetto

    This has probibly already been asked but

    When will the GOOD Gotenks be released for esf??? I must get it!!! Please tell me when its being released. Thx
  14. D

    can you make me a ..?

    can some1 make me a yugi and yami-yugi from yu-gi-oh :confused:
  15. G

    3D max import-export

    Where can i get plugin for 3D max import-export MDL format or same but for Gmax. :confused: Plizzzzzzzz help.
  16. U

    Help with compiling

    I got my reskin and my new hair, the model and a skeleton, i have the animations that were used on that model but now when i want to compile everything it first loads and then suddenly my MilkShape just drops :confused: What did i do wrong?? or can somebody tell me just what to do to get a...
  17. maxigt

    Kamehameha spite help

    Does anyone know which bone goku's kamehameha is attached to:confused: I need to know so I can do Vegetto's (japanese) Anyendapura.
  18. S


    what does pll mean by Poly by Poly?? cause im kinda confused because im a Newbie Model so thats why im asking so can any1 tell me?
  19. M


    :rolleyes: originally created by: AzN edits by: th3 pr0
  20. Moshe Kipod Ham


    Before I ask the question I want to appologise if it was already posted (and I'm sure it was) but I didn't find in search or in a sticky... Is there a FREE program witch I can animate models with (Yes I am a NOOB as you can see in my class) :confused: Since modeling costs money I only try...
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