1. Deathshot

    Frozen Wasteland

  2. Painkiller

    Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne

    Can you guys by chance tell me any good maps? I would like some Dota-like maps or anime/arena or something. Thanks in advance :) If possible not TD or Footmen
  3. KarrdeKNR

    Hell may have just frozen over...

    ...because I just graduated from college. Just finished up what *should* be the last of my coursework for Japanese. So in the end, I'm getting a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Asian Languages and Literatures (Japanese focus, media and literature sub...
  4. G

    Defence of the ancients[Europe,The frozen Throne]

    So, does anyone here play Dota still? ;p
  5. T

    warcraft 3 frozen throne

    wondering if anyone plays? if so just state you name, level, percent, icon, clan and server. would be cool to know that im not the only player here.. ill start. battle-nig, level 32, 50.9% overall, spirit walker icon, clan brave, azeroth.
  6. Optional

    Frozen Servers

    If you have played on several servers, you notice some of them have you frozen in place with a huge weird aura around you. You can't do anything at all. I found out that this is because the server was paused and never unpaused. SaiyanPride paused the server then left. That is what...
  7. TimTheEnchantor

    My Frozen Water..WARNING 56k!

    Instead of just making a thread for each of these here's all my frozen water pics so far: There are way more coming in the future. Just dunno what else right now :) Would the apple ones be good in black & white or stay in color?
  8. dudeman

    Frozen Tears

    Frozen tears, in the depths of sadness there is a limit, wich is where you break your line and let go of it. everything. it stops, gets blocked by the frozen tears, you cant see them, but you can feel them, they hurt, but at the same time theres a small sense of enjoyment deep in your heart, you...
  9. CM

    Gohan -- FROZEN! [WIP]

    gohan was touched by teh iceman, and he should be proud. as im skinning it, him and i agreed that i should post a pic Credits: Iceman SS_Vegeta Nuttzy (or Nuttzah or nuttzy whichever floats your wang) Heavy WIP, please do NOT point me to skinmap errors WIREFRAMES COPYRIGHTED...
  10. Final Master

    does anybody know where i can find aHUGE map?

    i like preticularly huge maps with lots of hiding places does anyone know of such a map? if so plz make a direct link for it i will be very happy :D and plz dont flame or spam and thnx!
  11. O

    Frozen Blasts

    Tis may have been posted before but a number of times I've fired a simple ki blast at a bot, he's deflected it and it travels a short distance before freezing and it stays there for ages, up to 1hr. Also, another problem I have is after a very evenly matched ps, when the ps lasts for a looong...
  12. X

    I dont mean to be a Biotch about this BUT (Its a Request)

    ENOUGH VEGETA/GOHAN/GOKOU EDITS PLEASE!!!.... Sorry I had to let it out. People are requesting the same ****. But has anyone bothered to do something else... Like perhaps a Frieza remake! Or a Majinu Buu and Cell edit. You people are only editing the good guys ;( We got SSJ3's, We got...