1. Prozac

    I freaking love this kid!
  2. Skyrider

    Freaking awesome flash movie! It pwns badly!
  3. M

    It's just a freaking joke !!!

    it's just a joke ...... so stop arguing about it ...... you'll see tommorow that i'm right ...... it's only a freaking april fools ... why can't you guys admit it .... i think you guys WANT esf 1.3 to be dead beacause your bealiving in the teams joke for april FOOLS .... i admit that it was very...
  4. NeLo

    This Is Freaking Hilarious!

    Hey i was checking out newgrounds and found these hilarious clips from movies. This author named Knox basically took clips from movies like "Matrix, Matrix Reloaded, and Resident Evil" and dubbed them with his own + others then just basiaclly made fun of the movies. Its freaking great. I was...
  5. U

    help! my skybox is freaking out!

    i dont know how this is happened.. but look at this.. and this and this happens in all the maps.. any1 got a idea of how i can stop this from happening?
  6. KrazyKarl

    Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO)

    It's been awhile since I have drawn anything, but last night I drew this certain bad ass, those of you who watch (GTO) Great Teacher Onizuka know this guy, and for those of you who dont watch it...... you should, its the best anime i have ever seen.
  7. Skinnerfool


    NO BODY IS DOING MY FREAKING REQUEST THAT I BENN ASKING SO HERE TWO 1.Vest on vegeta please 2.Kid Cell Model please
  8. Vengaurd

    Electric Final Flash!

    Epedemic_Optikz has given me his permision to heavely modify his lightning Kamehameha and i now present to you, the Electric Final Flash! keep in mind that my server is crap for posting images on forums, if these two dont work youll have to go to my site(see sig) and click preview...
  9. DaKD

    Some of my DBZ drawings

    Well i found out u can post drawings here so i am:D crits plz Ok here they are this first one IS FROM A REF PIC but IS NOT TRACED so dont ask:fight: These three ARE NOT FROM A REF PIC and/or NOT TRACED
  10. Skyrider

    only a complain about models.......

    i know that models looking cool and all, but why should they added here if they arent for this mod?!
  11. P

    a silly picture

    Thought this was funny during my exploits to make something Mastasurf freaking liked..
  12. A

    freaking esf cant play normal

    i can never play normal: 1. first i cant install esf because the .exe dousnt work so i had to download the zip. 2.when im playing doing REALLY noting wrong it just stops and i go back to desktop...... AND MAKE FREAKING DEDICATED SERVER IT ****ED PLAYING LIKE...
  13. S

    Goku Head Reskin (W.I.P.)

    ooo... look at my pretty new skin, a modification of my old one with my new graphire tablet... ahhhh... anyway take a look...