1. Mkilbride

    Fox News - Court rules in favor of - It's ok to lie
  2. Synth

    Jon Stewart > Fox News The video skips over a part where Bernie Goldberg starts generalizing the Comedy Central Network and Jon Stewarts audience. To which, even Bill O'Reilly had to call him out for being a hypocrit. All in all, Jon Stewart - 2 Fox News - 0
  3. J-Dude

    Fox releases several scenes and new TV spot for Dragonball Evolution UK TV Spot: Lots of new footage, including some flight, powering up, beam struggle, and a lulzy DBZ hair gag. Piccolo Attacks Gohan: It seems Mai didn't do the job alone; Marsters gives...
  4. Tsunami

    Fox News: Mass Effect is sick and wrong Its great how they get their "facts" about the game so wrong, but when did facts get in the way of a good story on Fox? Kudos to the guy for defending it as best he could in the few seconds they gave him.
  5. Optimus Prime

    Forecast Fox, Great Firefox plugin.

    Up to date three day weather forecast in Firefox.
  6. PiXel

    [LPR] Fox Mccloud

    =0 yeh i join tooo and nway lemme present you my exactly 350 tris big foxmccloud: Comments? ;P 1 mccloud = 350 tris <_< dont think that 2 mcclouds are 350 tris XD
  7. Tien

    Star Fox Assault

    Anyone try this game out? I was planning to buy this game tonight but the "above average below awesome" reviews were kind of a turn off. I've loved basically all the Star Fox games (including Adventures), and Namco promises all the classic gameplay we've all grew up with and loved.
  8. CM

    Fox McCloud? (WIP)

    UPDATE BELOW As you can (hopefully) see, it's not finished. I gotta make the back of the head, redo the chin, and later on connect the seam in the middle. First work with lightwave (other than that one chest I made, never showed anyone though) and I stopped working on it a while ago. Might...
  9. The_Forgotten

    Star Fox Assault /!!!!

    IGN.Com has just recieved movies of the new Star Fox game,Star Fox Assault :D I used to play good 'ol Star Fox 64(And the one for Super Nintendo when I was 4 or so :)).This is just a little aware note for all you other fans :D
  10. Vagabond

    On, Off, On, Off, On Fox make up you're mind

    i just went to anime news network read that DBZ live action movie is still on the link is here.
  11. N

    Nite Fox's one love..

    Nite Fox, love for the one he hates.. He beckins for revenge.. But at what cost? His humanity? His soul?.. His only love? *Link removed due to violation of AUP* Mmh.. Got bored.. Started to draw Eternia 'daughter of Hemloak the demon' (Demon who cursed Nite Fox with eternal-youth..) Then I...
  12. Gogeta91

    ussj goku(in kamishenan gi)

    Hey this is a small edit.its a ussj goku. i just can't geta sayain armor skin to fit.
  13. N

    New drawings

    Hey been awhile guys, heh I've been having a great summer and I've actually had some time to draw some pics, if ya guys don't mind I'd love to share them with ya. "Guess who..?" "Hulk" "I also had a chance to rebuild nightfox you remember him right? The guy I drew in the long coat...
  14. B

    New Force Fighters Z

    ok im working ery hard but its Done!!!!! The new FFZ side is online on old Url With many new Models Maps Misc Sound and The League System is NOW!! Ready Sorry too all for Long long Wait :( Join FFZ Now And Host your Models Post your News See and Post Downloads...
  15. D

    Red suit Gohan request

    Heya, I was wondering if anyone could color the outfit of mystic gohan. Be it the battle damaged or non battledamaged to be red like in the show. I can't skin for **** hence why I'm requesting. So if anyone can do it I would appreciate it alot. Thanks =D ~Demonfox
  16. N

    New night fox...

    As you all can see this is still a based sketch I didn't think about what he should look like so much as the crits i got..:fight: LOL.. the crits hurt but i like honesty thanks all! BTW...This is only the fist sketch of the new night fox look.. so please be gental... *PLEASE!!*:\