1. V

    Forcepit membership

    If ur not goin to allow us the chance of becoming one can't you make the fp forum public now?
  2. Pain

    EC to the forcepit?

    y/n? 10chars
  3. KYnetiK

    Forcepit MIA?

    Whats up with the forcepit? I couldnt be any more eager to throw my money at someone for their devotion to esf over the years, and no link to donate seems to be working :S What the smegs going on? Are you no longer accepting donations or is the site just being temporarily spasticated?
  4. T


    Wasnt sure who to ask so i made a thread. hmm, seems i cant see the force pit anymore. Ive had it for the past couple years. Any way i can get this fixed? :)
  5. ace005

    Stupid Forcepit question

    5$ > 10 years that mean 500 c > 10 years can I pay 50 c for 1 year? :laff:
  6. R

    I got banned from forcepit? <.<

    Why did such thing happen? If i did something wrong, it says in your f-pit rules that you warn me once to stop, but i haven't even gotten any warning? <.<
  7. C

    Free Force-Pit Access!?!

    Have you ever wanted force-pit access, but been unable to access it due to lack of the 5 dollar donation or a paypal account? Well boys and girls this is your one time chance to get force pit access for FREE! Whats the catch you may ask? The price of laughter! The person who makes me laugh the...
  8. imported_Mystic_Krillin

    Release ESF 1.3 early and forcepit acces

    Now that esf is officaly dead why don't they give us the esf 1.3 as it is now and force pit acces ??
  9. M

    How do i get to forcepit

    ... can i donate or something ... and if i can .. how much .. and where ( not i can only send it by a real mail... ?