1. fululu


    Hello guys need much help of you, how do I add new models to bots. In my esf bot there are only 9 players, how do I add such broly and how to play against broly bot.I 9 tried to change the bots, but not geti.there a tool to edit and add bots? I watched a video on which shows the...
  2. S

    Temp directory, changing folders?

    My mate's having a problem with his computer, he partitioned his drive to have windows and his files and stuff in different parts of his hdd, thing is he made it too small, so he's wondering how would he go about changing the location of his temp directory, so he can handle doing things with...
  3. dbrulz72

    Character Sprite Folders

    You know how when you go into sprites and all the sprites are just there.Well I've been thinking if characters can have there own sprite folders so when you go into the sprites folder you'll see Goku Gohan ect.This way you can customize 1 character's sprites.For example, you would be able to...
  4. K

    now i need to delete my old esf ???

    to install the 1.1 i need to delete the old version? in this version i still can use the old models?
  5. B

    Can someone help me??

    Hi i'm new here but someone tell me which program to use to make skins and how do you import skins with what program heres what i have Adobe ImageReady 7.0 Adobe Illustrator 9.0 Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Or Wally??????????
  6. S

    Where Do i put the MDL to try it on the game?

    In WIch Directory
  7. imkongkong

    how do you make another model folder for the transformations?

    i downloaded that model of piccolo with the cape somewhere here... i was wondering what i should do to make another folder for piccolo's transformation so when i transform, piccolo would not have the turban and cape