1. M

    FLCL [WTF]

    I watched the first episode of FLCL today. It has to be the most awkward anime I've ever seen in my life. The story is fine, just the randomness of events, and the extravagant mood swings everyone has. It's extremely amusing, especially when the boy gets run over by the motorbike, aswell as...
  2. Rayna


    Ok, made a new sig, might go back to the flower again soon though :3 I think I screwed up a bit on the smoke on the right side since the color cuts itself a bit out of the rest. Also the colors I used might be a bit wierd together, they make sense for me though. But anyhow, opinions please.
  3. Amayirot Akago

    First model ever: FLCL guitar!

    Front: Back: 290 polies. Just needs skinning.
  4. Amayirot Akago

    FLCL Fanfic... yes or no?

    I've recently been so fortunate as to see all six episodes of an awesome anime, FLCL, and I've been thinking about writing a fanfic. Is this a good idea? Cuz it has the potential of being either very good or extremely bad. And I don't think FLCL was ever supposed to have a sequel, but I simply...
  5. Amayirot Akago


    I watched all six episodes yesterday and OH MY GOD. This is by far the second greatest anime I've seen so far. Weirdness up the ying-yang, wacky humor, great music (though it gets a little repetitive), top-notch animation and did I mention weirdness? The storyline's pretty confusing at first...
  6. Ryoko


    Madness. I decided to make a flcl sig using an abstract image I made. And this is the result. Any comments or crits are highly welcomed!
  7. Hitokiri


    Any of you seen this anime? It's a short one from Gainax, cool and a lot of the time really random and funny.
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