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    flatshaded models ingame?!?!?!?

    yes its true you can use models ingame flatshaded. the game virtua fighters gave me the idea and so i tryed to figure out how. and i did. how to do this is get your model ready to export, then select all, go to vertex and click unweld. this should make it flatshaded. then just export it and...
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    Vegeta Model

    So far i have frontal torso done heres some pics crits plz. I used MSpaint to cut out the torso area of the ref pic i used to give you an idea on how a scartch skin will work for it :)
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    whats wrong with my model !! ??

    Hi, i just started to try something to model, it a body i got it in flatshaded mode but why are those black things :| and how can i put them away. Tnkx Click here 4 a pic Click here:(
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