1. KarrdeKNR

    So....I've got some DBZ Figures...

    So, I'm a staff member at an anime convention here in Minnesota called Anime Detour. We had some random DBZ figures that we're supposed to be a small prize for some silly contest. Who knows what it was. Either way, since they were in bad shape and were really crappy anyway, I ended up taking...
  2. N

    I'm looking for some action figures...

    I suck at finding stuff on the net. Does anyone know where I can find DBZ action figures (any series). They can't be shiny or have striking action, stuff like that.
  3. O

    Hideous DBZ Action Figures

    These are the "Secret Saiyan Warriors" (I'm not making that up), and they're a little figurine who fits inside a larger, hilariously bad transformed figurine. They're amazingly accurate and detailed, too! Gohan makes me think of a SSJ version of Fat Buu... Check out the...
  4. dudeman

    Dudeman Figures :)

    ppl seemed to like the dudeman figure i made but u can only see it in my sig or wps.. so i decided to give out the "cells" so ppl can have an easy look at it and give their opinions :)
  5. S

    NON DBZ figures

    is it possible that some people ever maded non-DBZ figures (like a sayan called Hurukai or something like that)
  6. X

    Somethin' I pulled off on Windows Paint!

    Well it doesn't look all that. And im not done with it yet. I need to add strings around her. I made it better than this in real life. I added her name on her sleeve. And the part that say "Im no longer afraid of fallin in love" is well. Kinda complicated to explain. Just think of her as...
  7. I

    some of my realistic art work

    hey check this out! and this is what it was