1. Kaination

    FFVII vs FFX!

    Welcome to the unofficial FFVII vs FFX thread! You may have slight flamming, but not too much :) (this thread doesnt belong to you if you cant handle a little flamming! its just for fun!) Simple, discuss in your opinion which game kicked more ass. personally, i think FF7 kicked much...
  2. Linda

    hi there... still working on ffx... :D

    hey......... welll i was drawing this for angela, and it WAS her bday like....... in march... and now its may....... HAHA oh gawd this is SO late, and its getting LATER...?. so im still working on the FFX thingy for her. and umm heres a WIP. i think u guys can tell that im a bit indecisive...
  3. DBZFever

    Could someone make this model for me

    Can someone make a model of Tidus from FFX?
  4. suicidal_maniac

    How you like my new sig?

    How do you like my new sig? I know its not fantastic but im just lookin for some comments to help improve my skills and my sig. *edit*And if you have any good Hyper Sonic pics PM me. Hes liike the most unpopular character in the world!!!
  5. D


    god damn......i went into the Omega Ruins...and got BEAT DOWN! do u have to like....MAX OUT all the Legendary Weapons or some BS?
  6. M

    New Weapon Model for something or other

    Ok here is a sword I did the other night. If I animate it I will also animate the ribbon things on the end there which would be extremely fun to do (*sarcasim*) But it will be a good thing to do, to get my brain working.
  7. N

    Picture Help...

    Does ANYONE know where I can find a SSJ3 Vegetto picture? I need to get one BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE POST SOON!o_o