1. J

    FFVII - Advent Children OST

    picked it up today, its freakin awsome!! who else is getting/got it?
  2. Kaination

    FFVII vs FFX!

    Welcome to the unofficial FFVII vs FFX thread! You may have slight flamming, but not too much :) (this thread doesnt belong to you if you cant handle a little flamming! its just for fun!) Simple, discuss in your opinion which game kicked more ass. personally, i think FF7 kicked much...
  3. Tassadar

    New FFVII AC Trailer

    A new FFVII AC trailer has been released. It features some new scenes and charecter voices. It is Japanese, and has not yet been subbed. New charecters featured are Ultima Weapon, Red, this trailer has a lot of vocal scenes, so we'll know a little more what's going on once it's subbed. The...
  4. P

    [WIP] FFVII Buster Sword

    Still in modeling stages, need to skin and add holes. crits? i couldnt really find any good refs. and im not even sure if its the right shape edit: its too thick
  5. Tassadar

    FFVII: The Advent Children

    No doubt as some of you may have heard, FFVII:The Advent Children will be released as a CG movie during the summer of 2004, and my god, I climaxed over 3 times while looking at these pictures. http://www.gamespot.com/ps/rpg/finalfantasy7/news_6076405.html Here are a few: In the...
  6. C

    New FFVII Sig

    tell me how you like it :laff: O_o :laff:
  7. OneWingedAngel

    hohoohoh FFVII Model plan need help!

    ok well i need a Tutorial for MilkShape3D V1.5.9 that covers absolutly EVERYTHING! i mean everything! but in english! not German or in anyother Language! i need this so i can learn to model really good! so i can make all the FFVII Characters! Hehhe that'd be fun please i need help! also can...