1. D

    Started playin FF10 again...

    Yep..well, I got bored..so I just decided to make this sig of Auron (Legendary Guardian of Lord Braska..the High Summoner who was the most recent person to defeat Sin...bringing the latest Calm :laff: ). For 10 mins of work...and with nothing better to do...I say its OK (aside from it being...
  2. Shinkawa

    Need MP3 from FF10

    Does anyone know where I can get that cool umm soundtrack/song/theme on Final Fantasy 10 where Tidus's world gets attacked by sin (during the time when he was playing blitzball)? I'd love that sound when i play ESF
  3. Vegeta's Briefs


    So, I was testing the digital camera and I took a picture of one of my drawings. One of my brothers suggested that I show you guys, so why not? And no, her finger isn't fat. The line that separated the two fingers doesn't show up :S In case it's too big for you, go here...
  4. NightShade

    MGS2 and FF10

    really great games for the psx2. i love it. both of them. if you have a psx2 these games are worth it