1. sub

    My third map, featuring islands!

    First, please keep in mind that this is my third map, and my first two weren't very good. Moving right along, I spent the past two days or so working on this. It doesn't have a name yet and I'm not sure if I'll release it. With water Without Water Still need to add cliffs to the...
  2. Ryoko

    A.. uhn thingy. Featuring Ryoko

    I dunno what it falls under but I decided to post it anyway. What do you all think?
  3. L

    ESF_Stryker look here!

    If you remember, i did comment on your namek map. It was great, just guru's place looked kinda funny. This picture is alittle cheesy, but hopefully it will help LoL. Its suppose to be guru's place. :p