1. Sicron

    The Faulty are back?

    http://thefaulty.com/ Just saw on their website, it seems they have returned. For those of you that do not know, the Faulty was the provider of the original songs in the ESF MP3 player in-game.
  2. Barney

    Faulty O/S Privilages

    Okay so if anyone here has played a game where punkbuster is required to play knows or should know that you need the proper OS privileges in order to play. So I have this problem with my privileges, even though I have done what is necessary to fix those problems (taken from the America's Army...
  3. U

    The Faulty

    Those guys that did the music for esf 1.1, the faulty. Does anyone know where i can get their guitar tabs??
  4. S

    The Faulty

    hello, 1st post :) the 3 songs that come with the game from the faulty kicks major ass, anyone know if they made any other songs? ive searched for them on the web but found nothing, any info about their other songs would be great. thanks
  5. U

    The Faulty

    can you find me a site with the lyrics of the band "The Faulty" (which is played in the background of the game) causei like their songs ;D
  6. H

    the faulty lyrics

    hey my second post here, i'm from brasil hello everyone :D anyways, the subject says it all, someone here could post the lyrics from the musics that are in the game? I've searched but i couldn't find it in any website, even on the band site. It's really a great band, too bad i couldn't...
  7. F

    the faulty song

    the faulty songs have been on mp3s in esf i searched up the band and never got anything where can i get information about this band
  8. P


    Who are these guys. i found the three mp3s in the music section in the folder and they are really good. ive looked on kazaa for them but they are nowhere to be seen. if anyone has any information on how to get more music on this band reply or send my e-mail [email protected] . the three...