1. Hawki_ice

    Problem with Tien

    Ok i was using the Tien pack i got and it was working fine with the Distructo disk! then i put the Redsayin Tien models in and the Disck charges in the wrong hand meaning he rasies his hand but it charges in the one that by his side???? help what do i do 2 fix it? *edit* Pic
  2. V

    Ned's Veggeto model

    I had some questions for ned about his model : 1. Who will it replace 2. Are you planning on doing animations for it? 3. This isnt really a question but I wanted to say sorry for my sig with him in it, I just like your model so much.
  3. E

    non fatal beams, projectiles

    i think that if u get hit by a beam or projectile u should get pushed back abit depending on the strengh of the attack. say some1 does a weak generic beam at u and u dont block it, it should push u back into a wall where it will blow up on u and u will take damage from hitting the wall. the beam...