1. KarrdeKNR

    Extracting PS2 models onto a PC - or hell, just viewing them

    Ok, basically what my issue is is I need to extract the model files from soul calibur 2 so I can get some screen caps for references. This shouldn't fall under warez or reverse engineering as it's my copy of the game, and I'm not planning on releasing anything from the package, and frankly, if...
  2. KidMan

    Extracting Audio

    If there a way to extract background music from a conversation? If I try to add my music over top the clip, the sound becomes garbage. My goal is to just have the talking and have my music play instead. And yes, this is with DBZ.
  3. SupersaiyanHero

    Extracting 1.3 zip

    once i've downloaded ESF 1.3, how do i install it? does it become a seperate programme? (to use via steam) do i have to backup my ESF 1.2.3 then extact it all into that folder? help, im confused and the sounds seem really awesome!
  4. V

    Porblem with installation extracting pain 1&3

    im geting a problem extracting pain 3 ancan some one helpd 1