1. M

    Extended Episode 2 Trailer

    The only link I've found so far was for FilePlanet, I'll try to find more: http://www.fileplanet.com/165529/160000/fileinfo/Half-Life-2:-Episode-Two-Extended-Trailer Discuss!
  2. Ravendust

    Extended Options Menu

    My idea is to add lots of features into the options, both server options and clientside options (graphics etc) First Option: I liked the class limitation option, but I think it can be taken further. I'd like to see all the characters have 2 sets of stats, the current, balanced ones and a...
  3. T

    Learning Body Anatomy

    well i was doing this took me about 15 mins... im learning a structur of a human body a real one not dbz... im trying to get my models more relistic... well tell your thoughts..... *edit* the skintone is off since of the gif convert..
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