1. D

    Melee Strugle Budokai 2 explode mod

    just make the melee strugle like the budokai 2 explosiv mod so u dont see the 2 player just wait who win the melee strugle But u see allready the combo but dont do domage.. just wait for the winner and the combo is for the winer ^^ that can be funny plz read ^^
  2. M

    Beams explode while on ground

    When I play with one of my friends, we like to ps. So he was above me and I was shooting up and right when I fired, BOOM, it exploded right in my face. This happens anytime I shoot any type of ki blast while on the ground.
  3. A

    I'm....about.....to explode

    It this beta just really unstable or what? It worked for a while and I really love the game and appreciate all the time put into it, but I can't get it to work any more. I go to create a game and suddenly it goes to my desktop and I go see hl.exe running in the background so I know it didn't...
  4. M

    Spawning off the ground

    How come whenever I make a map people cant walk directly on the ground? They are always stuck a few feet off the ground walking on air. And if i move the playerstart any lower everyone starts in the ground and cant move. wra:\
  5. E

    WallPapers Random

    Hey everybody, I have been gone for a while, but im back now. Here are some wierd wallpapers and gfx I found in my stash. Some of them were just quick gfx I made, but I just felt like sharing em with yall. Good to be back. C ya.
  6. USSJ3-Vegeta

    Reskin of AZN's Majin Vegeta!

    Ok this is my first time doing this so dont go flamming me or dissing on it....it was 5-10 min job because i wanted to test it out....to only things i did was add some nonrealistic blood ;/ some weird looking dirt stuff and a couple of rips in clothes...but next time i will spend more time...
  7. Ultraq

    beams shouldn't explode when it hits ppl!!

    u know like when sometimes the target is right infront of u and u shoot a kamehameha wave then both (u and the oponent) die! and that's not how it happenes, remeber in cell games goku fired a very powerfull kamehameha (and he used instant transmition while he was charging it!) and cell was 1...