1. F

    Some explanation on this Telsa

    http://www.teslamotors.com/ Out of the million questions I have.... how in gods name do you have full torque at 0 rpm? or an engine that weighs less then 70 lbs but gets 135 mpg and goes from 0-60 in 4 seconds? You plug the damn thing into your ****ing wall and charges from empty to full in 4...
  2. SaiyanPrideXIX

    A Throwing Explanation for all the 1.2'ers who take the short bus home from school

    I'm really tired of people whining and pissing and moaning about throw. So here, I made a thread. Most of you don't know this, but in real life, my name is Rob Walker. Because of playing guitar in lots of bands throughout the years, I got a stupid little nickname that people still call me to...
  3. KilledWithStyle

    Found a good explanation of what devil was doing and a good way around it...

    I had to translate a page from djeyl.net to get it dot he folowing: (unless they updated it) its the third news item in the list. go to google.com put in: djeyl.net and click translate this page. If your french just read ahead instead. add: I decided to put it here in case if it...
  4. W

    the almost lest time of help. and i done. plz.

    ok sup all?! look now i got milkshape 1.5.7 ! :) well look i wanted to edit a gohan model soo i download MDL file of gohan. i put it in a floder name gohan in the dekstop and inside the floder i got gohan.mdl thet i want to edit him. now i go to ms and push tools>half life> decompile normal...
  5. B

    explanation wanted

    ;D i don`t know the meaning of most shortcuts you use can some1 send me a list or something with all shortcuts and meaning thx :cool:
  6. U

    Need Help With Hair

    Well im reskinning (and adjusting the model a little bit) a Bebi Vegeta (not transformed) it was a redsaiyan that i downloaded first before i started reskinning, but my problem is that the hair of that redsaiyan isnt even close to the hair that the bebi vegeta should have but i saw some Vegeta...
  7. M

    No real explanation. Just humor.

    How many have you killed today?
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