1. S

    super saiyan 4 pack

    Who have? super saiyan 4 pack
  2. I

    How can i open or make a new model with milkshape?

    What must i do to import an existing esf mdl model? how do i export it?
  3. U

    Recomplie Models, animation help

    I just got Adobe Photoshop and Milk Shape 3-D, I have decomplied a model, but i can't open it up in Milk Shape, I used the search and read the stickies but i can't find the answer, please help me
  4. V

    how do i use models in esf??

    i just downloaded a model of ssj trunks with long hair but i dont know how to use him anyone wanna tell me please?:D :D :cry:
  5. R

    Hellsing Interpretation

    Kinda late, I seriously did this in under 15 Minutes. Its not much, I didn't do no fancy bg or anything I just focus on sort of a Crimson Red saturation. Well anyways, I'm out for the night. Good night all ^-^ Hope ya like this.. And there'll be a new one soon ;)
  6. C

    Resizing existing skeleton

    Resizing existing skeleton[Update] Does anyone have the address of a good tutorial for skeletons, mainly with info on resizing an existing one. Preferably useing 3DSmax but milkshop works too. Unless any of you can explain it here for me please. EDIT - I figured out how to resize the...
  7. G

    Failed FUSION

    I was trying to do some modeling and i was finished and loaded anohter char and this is what happened
  8. M

    I Need Help

    Can someone plz tell me how to put new models in the game so i can use them...........??????? plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  9. S

    testing sig 8-S

  10. suicidal_maniac

    Help with Ulead PhotoImpact

    I need some help with PhotoImpact. How would I go by adding a custom background to an existing pic. And I also need to know how to keep the quality of my image when I save it to a .jpg . I could also use some PhotoImpact tutorial.
  11. J

    pretty sick and tired.....

    k this might just be stupid to open a complete new thread of this, but i'm sick of peeps saying this:(example: Android 16): he said something like this(while i already had this sig). i made the background of this sig myself, might look like a pro made it and stuff, but i really made this...