1. .Guzzie.

    ESF Executable.

    Hey guys!! I just bought the Logitech G15 and it's the bomb!!! I found like 4 glitches in ESF in the 1st hour or so - LOL -. Anyways ummm, as you guys know the Logitech G15 comes with the Sexeh LCD Pad, but I was wondering wheres Esf's Executable file. If I knew where that was I could get it...
  2. S

    Earth special forces Executable out of date

    when i try playing esf it says that the earth special forces executable is out of date then trys to download an update for half life, but my half life is fully updated. anyone know how to stop this?
  3. F

    Esf executable?

    Yeah I used to be able to create a lan game and just play bots. but now it says that my earth's special forces executable is out of date. I have hl version it also says it is trying to authenticate with won servers and it never did that before either. some one please help.
  4. P

    Problem with executable?

    Hey all been playing esf since 1.0, love it. Now ive come back after a short break :laff: and found a small problem, well big, wont let me play.... Far as i know i have all the necessary items i.e, esf1.2 full and the esf1.2.1 update but im getting this message :warning: HERE :warning: . Any...
  5. G

    My ESF executable is out of date ?! what's going on ??

    i installed half life, half life patch, ESF, and ESF 1.2.1 patch, and when i want to start the server this message is going out: your ESF executable is out of date....... . But when i dont install ESF 1.2.1 patch, the game works fine. Can anybody tell me what's going out ??????
  6. S

    ESF Executable File Out of Date?

    hi ive installed half life, hl1110.exe update,esf beta 1.2 and esf beta 1.2.1 patch but when itry to join a game it says my Earths special forces executable file is out of date please help. thanks
  7. B

    Executable error and protocol error

    ok, when I try and join a multi player game it says, Your esf executable is out of date. I treid uninstalling and re-installing and that didnt work. ALso when I try to join a game it says the the server is running on a different protocol version, or somthing like that, I dont know what to do...
  8. B

    Your special forces executable is out of date

    When I want to play, the game always displays the message Your special forces executable is out of date Does anyone know why I can't play?
  9. W

    Executable is out of date, updating now ERROR

    I'm wondering why I get this when I try and connect to an ESF server. It worked fine last night and this morning, but then all of a sudden, it keeps giving me this message. I haven't done anything to any files, with the exception of putting the esf-bot.dll and stuff. Do I need the CD to play...