1. Boogyman93

    Exaggerated Kamehameha strength.

    I don't know about 1.3 since I can't add bots in the open beta to test it but in 1.2.3 I noticed you guys exaggerated with the kamehameha strength. When I try to push Goku's kamehameha with the galitgun (and I'm not talking about ECX or any addon), even tough I have significantly more power...
  2. Q

    A little thing I made...

    there's a li'l sumthin' I made, and I wanted to show it to you guys, but.. I'm a little new here at this hosting thing so do you mind helping a sick, sick cannibal like me? :P edit: heres the pic: credit goes to the esf vegetto 'nother edit: credits goes to smo's goku (and...
  3. Ryoko

    Freehand of my name ^^;

    Took me a while to make this one, tell me what you think! ALl freehand ^^;