1. .FM.

    eva siggy =/

    just wants some comments on what you think about it :S
  2. Chimpbot

    EVA Unit vs Gundam...Who would win?

    I know this was posted once before awhile back...but it was a great topic... So..I"m bringing back... Which do you think would win...any EVA Unit vs any Gundam.... Now...Vote and Talk! I'd like only people who've seen both series(any gundam series and neon genesis evangelion), and...
  3. R

    From the not so birght one

    Hey guys, I really appreciate the REALLY NICE things you posted about me. I really didn't mean to disturb your ways of the forum. It was just my first post and I was going to make some skins later on hopefully. Seriously guys, I feel its safe to say, "Would you like some more cheese with...