1. harSens

    European parlement election, what will you vote?

    I'm somewhat undecided, probably liberals though. I'm all for more efficient decision making (getting rid of vetos etc) and less protectionism (as in spending 40% of the European budget on sponsoring farmers).
  2. Skyrider

    Steam European Local Currency, making things more expensive!

  3. Synth

    RF Online North American & European Game Servers To Close

    I'll miss the best MMO race ever... Accretians.
  4. Skyrider

    Smash Brothers: Brawl (wii) European version

    Finally, after checking Bart Smit (toy store & Console hardware/ game store) today, I noticed that Smash Brothers: Brawl will be in their stores at June, 27 (this month). Heck, I can't wait for this as I'll buy it right away it comes out. I've been waiting for this game for like, forever. Why do...
  5. Raven

    N00b / Non-N00b / Pro - European Servers

    Hello again everybody. When I played on my servers every now and then, I realized that there's gotta be a change in at least some of them. When I was hoping to play versus skiled players and my servers were full of N00b I was often dissapointed and the other way'round I hearded lots of N00b...
  6. kartsah

    European clan tournament released! Applications gap: 200!

    Welcome to our tournament! This tournament is sponsored by : TF : & CnX. With this tournament, we are aiming on finding out the top20 best Esf gamers in Europe. Everyone is allowed to join these tournaments, even the banned ones from our forums and servers. The application gap is 200...
  7. J

    anyone finnished MGS3 on european extreme yet?

    i finished it on extreme (took a looong time). but this really takes the piss. i cant even get to sokolov >_<
  8. Texas

    European Champion 2004: Hellas!!

    Portugal-Greece 0-1 from a Charisteas's Header at the 57'. Incredible. Cant believe it yet!! It would make more sense if someone came out and said "This one was just a farce, the real euro was played somewhere else" Congrats to Portugal too, nice played game :yes:
  9. D

    Where are the dedicated european servers?

    Seriously, where are they? And with dedicated I don't just mean the ones who instead of using a listen server use dedicated and join their own server and shut it down as soon as they are done playing, I mean servers that stay up pretty much 24/7. Since the release we europeans have had...
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