1. skizer

    ESF-W GameServer Up again!

    ESF-World has now 2 Public Server and 1 Duel Server (the old boys know the server..) The servers are running ESF with AMXX. Servers: IP: ESF 1.2.3 #1 | Gamers - Desire IP: ESF 1.2.3 #2 | Gamers - Desire...
  2. Majin_Spyke

    esf-w hacked!!!

    OMG DAMN IT ESF-W HAS GOT HACKED :(;( DAMN TURKISH HACKER GRRRRRRR.......!!! edit:sorry i just saw the rules i'm not posting to often on esforces forum i'm really sorry :( (u can delete the topic)
  3. -Blaze-

    ESF-W FTW?

    Why the esf-w site is down? FTW :cry:
  4. -Blaze-

    ESF-W tournament

    Yay it's ESF-W's tourney! Who will be in? Finally i will see how strong i become in training with mega bot.! Nah! i thinked of much tipes for fighting and beams!
  5. E

    New ROSAT video on ESF-w

    ROSAT video + SSJ2 It looks awsome -.- Btw, is the aura model already changed or? Btw, which song that is? I wanna dl it -.-
  6. S

    Esf-W Model Pack For Evm

    is there all models ? and they will work ? no bugs...
  7. esf-w | Max2

    Esf-W Filebase

    Hi guys our Filebase is online now and we search files :) if you have cool models, sprites, sounds or maps sent an email to &raquo; <a href="mailto:[email protected]"><i>Max2</i></a> and we added the file to the filebase. and here is the link to our site :) &raquo; Esf-World