1. S

    I try..

    I have a problem when i try to install ESF. See : ns56231 :/home/esforces/steam# ./hlds_run -game esf +maxplayers 16 +map esf_arri val +port 30000 Auto detecting CPU Using AMD Optimised binary. Auto-restarting the server on crash Console...
  2. Damaera

    Warning Logs

    Warned Micknel for creating an account just to troll an insult me. All future warnings by me and other people will be posted here.
  3. Syed Noman

    hi i help me with esforces on Steam

    when i choose internet games in esforces and and find servers it takes 2 minuts to connect with valve server after connecting there is no server and also when i click on creat server game crashes and gives error. . and also please give me steam esforces server ids
  4. Syed Noman

    How about giving Tutorial of how to make esforces maps to fans

    hi guyz, this is my second suggestion how about teaching the Fans the Tutorial of how to make maps for esforces:confused: in this way esforces can get fan work and also the mapping work will be reduce from the esforces team :) and also fans can show their love for esforces.:love: in this way we...
  5. K​.part1​.rar

    I cant play Esf 1.3. when i go in the game it just closes i tried it 20 times i restarted my computer and still it doesent work ---------- Double Post below was added at - 11:54 AM has been merged with this post created - 11:42 AM at ---------- I have CS 1.6 and Half-Life, but when i start up...
  6. Nemix

    ModDB VS ESForces (HL2Files / FileFront) Download Links

    Versus ModDB ESF Download Link or ESF (HL2Files / FileFront) Download Link? Which is faster for you? Well, for me, it's the ModDB Link... lol ModDB = 10 min ESF (HL2Files / FileFront) = 4 h tell me which is faster at you?
  7. Bardock1132

    esforces open beta gohan

    hi, in the esforces v1.3 open beta, i have found out gohans transformations =) here they are (SSJ)-1,400,000-(SSJ2)-5,400,000- I cant believe its not butter!
  8. A

    new character selection screen for rc2 esforces

  9. Slofreak

    Esforces wallpaper

    Whell i wanted to make a simple wallpaper made from esf characters. At first i wanted to make some background with brushes and i was looking some brushes at daviantart but didnt find any good so i decided that i keep it simple so white background :D...
  10. Suh Dude


    Imagine if Earth's Special Forces was standalone, reach an agreement with Funimations, then imported for the Wii. The Advanced Melee could be used with the Wii-mote, nun chuck, etc.. What if ESForces ever let fans make the cover to be used on the Wii Case for their game? Wouldn't you think...
  11. JoSH17

    half-life 2 esforces ?

    hello esf-team you may already know my question -will there be a esf for half-life 2 iam saying this becaus you did a really nice job on hl and i know you can do a great job on hl2 it will me great fun too play esf on hl2 eng and i know a lot off people will like the idear of being a...
  12. Sicron

    ESForces website...down?

    What is wrong with For me it shows this: And until recently (like a couple of hours), I wasn't able to connect to the forums either. Is there something I missed, or am I the only one having these problems?
  13. M

    my second gift for esforces + ESF 1.3 file look!! (grOOvy/mastasurf/)

    This is my second gift for esforces :) and i must say that this file look layout is as nice as the other gift i made :) I was thinking of adding a info button to whitch would link to an info page but i wanted to keep it simple. ESF 1.2.x File Look ESF 1.3.x File Look I...
  14. M

    A gift from me to esforces (grOOvy/mastasurf/any admin.. read please)

    Hello. Today i read the latest news on esforces whitch was about the esf fever thing.. i tought if that post was about one year earlyer than i would have subscribed but i`m getting older and esf gets less and lass of my time. Just some examples: serveral months before esf 1.2 was released...
  15. C

    esforces 1.3

    :] first of all i wanna say hi to everybody in forum . the second thing i wanna ask if esf 1.3 is comming soon i really sorry for that noob question but i cant wait :] and i have 1 question more : i just wanna ask if esf 1.3 will have ssj4 ,fussions and more models like cyborgs,goten,small...
  16. Killface

    help with esforces

    Hey i tried to install esforces on my friends Hp. and it successfully installed, but i cant get it to show up under the custom games list. do i need to install steam for that or what? My computers in the shop because my video card is fried and i think i dont have all of the direct x drivers, so...
  17. Killface

    esforces lan

    hey, how do i play esforces on lan with bots? I dont have won and i cant use steam because i dont have the internet, and steam needs the internet to do something (dont know what exactly). please help me out.
  18. Z

    ;( Another problem with esforces installer 1.2b

    Argh!!! I click on the installer then everything goes will til it extracts gamestartup.mp3 . it didn't extract. i waited forever (like 2 hours). and i tried downloading it from different mirrors and it still didn't work. what's wrong?
  19. S

    esforces down?

    Ehh.. for the past few hours.. me and my friends havnt been able to get onto esforces.... was it down ? or what ?? >_>
  20. M

    May 8th interview with esforces again..??

    Hello.. i listened to the interview of esforces a week ago but i got a question.. - Is the ESF team gonna give an interview on may 8th since they said something about that at the end.. - If there is gonna be an interview on may 8th.. how late will it be in my timezone (GMT +1) please...