1. JM LE FOU

    model convert esf1.1 to 1.2

    i like to convert some esf1.1 model to 1.2 i like to you know what sofware i should use and how to do it (better explain with picture ), i got a vegeta from the 1.1 is got namek armor (the first one ) half damage and i like to play him in esf 1.2 , and oozaru too from MajinZGohan - Oozaru...
  2. 009

    Teleport System esf1.1 / esf1.2

    Have any one thought about that in esf1.1 was the teleport system faster.. you could teleport faster in esf1.1 then you can now in esf1.2... maybe teleport take more resources then before.. cuz... we where 4 players had peace.. and i was vegeta... I loaded a big bang.. and on the same time i...
  3. D

    ESF1.1 +EVM1.2 or ESF1.2

    i say...1.1+evm1.2...but they will release evm for 1.2 too (for those who dont know 3.0)
  4. B

    Post here wat u think r the ups and dons of esf1.1

    post here wat u think r the improvemnets and the slips in esf1.1. i think the ups r hold beem automaticly and the sword and new attks rulez and theres less melle wors and less beem wors because its more 50/50 between melle and beems beacuse of there new advantiges and disadvantiges. and also...
  5. Pommy

    New ESF1.1 Download Mirror this is the UPDATE
  6. T

    When is esf1.1 and half-life 2 come out!:O

    Cud someone tell me when thosse gonna come out i ant wait untill esf1.1 comes out....but ya i wanna see esf 2:laff: :laff:
  7. SSjGohan12345

    maps in esf1.1

    Will there be any new esf maps in the esf 1.1 or do i have to contine downloading them from redsaiyan where i find they crash on me.