1. Mr. Satans

    Naruto Double Eps.

    I used a renaming program to rename all my Naruto eps to include a 0 infront of all the non-100's but I forgot about the double eps so now I need a list of all the double eps so I can fix a few things.
  2. Sicron

    [Bleach] Only 52 eps??? [?Spoilers?]

    I just read somewhere that there will only be like...52 episodes (anime offcourse) for bleach....does anyone know if this is true? if it is....im kinda dissappointed....a good anime and only 52 episodes sucks...
  3. Optimus Prime

    Samurai Champloo: First 17 eps *Possible Spoilers?*

    So what did everyone think? I really liked SC a lot. I thought the animation was extremely smooth and fresh, and there was even some subtle humour here and there. And the sword fight sequences were amazing. It's unfortunate about having to wait until something like Jan 2005 until it starts...
  4. Amitron

    Naruto Eps

    Hey I just started watching the Naruto stuff and I have to admit that it's pretty good, but the place where I got them from is down... :(. I got to episode 12 and the end they are about to fight Zabuza...and I wanna see it, so would you guys please post where you get your episodes and specify...
  5. B

    Links to naruto eps.

    Well like i said dbz is my life, Naruto wont get better than it but i really like naruto. I just need pages where to download eps(japanese) without this slow bittorent. I have seen so many naruto "watchers" so i think this is good page to get info :D
  6. Synth

    Phantasy Star Online eps 1 & 2

    I recently acquired this game for the g-cube and I really like it. I've been using a hunter level 14 with a brand+1 (227 atp) the problem is that i can't save my character without losing my progress. does anyone know how you can save on multi mode with doing this? thx for reading...
  7. GMan

    DBZ Gifs

    I've made a collection for myself because I was very bored. http://www.pixelmethods.com/gman/ "Original" are GIFs that I've created from episodes, and "Edited" are GIFs I've found somewhere on the internet and have tried to improve a bit. I only posted my favorite GIFs that looked good...
  8. G

    Need Help With Bryce

    Mmkay I have bryce now and loaded it up for the first time. I'm looking for someone that can help me with the first steps of Bryce. If you know it well and wanna help please do. Contact me by MSN: [email protected]

    Trigun eps

    How many episodes are there in trigun?
  10. J_Star

    DBZ eps.

    Hey don`t kill this threat! I want to ask you where i can get FULL DBZ episodes all of them with sound and stuff. Please give me a proper Link Thx
  11. G

    for the one who wants to know where to download the newest dbz eps

    i found a site where u can download the newest eps in english pwnd.by.firefly.com so have fun
  12. freeportpretz22

    Making Models

    Maybe if some would help me get started on models, I got milkshape 3d, and HL model viewer (not sure if I need that tho) Well if anyone wants to help let me know! P.S. My AIM is DavisC6590 and My ICQ is 157948594
  13. Vladdie

    does someone like to make me a ultimate saiyan trunks

    this is a pic for help if someone would make it http://www.geocities.com/dmxdaman01/Ultra2.jpg i think this is a ultimate saiyan trunks
  14. Frieza

    Release Date of New Eps And Dbz Budokai

    Hiya I was just wondering... 1) Does Anyone know the release date 4 The new eps of Dbz They cut the show just as Vegeta Exploded!! 2) Does Anyone know the release date ok Ps2 Dbz Budokai? 3) Has anyone here played Budokai/ if so Whats ur honest opinion on the game? Im thinking bout...
  15. P

    Who is the tuffest in dbz [movies & eps]

    Offcourse i choose Brolly as a number one.....he is cool and very strong...but close up to his numberone position Vegeta is on secondplace...
  16. B

    More Car Photo Manips.

    My Edit:- Devianart Link Original:- Comments and Crits welcome. BrunO
  17. S

    For all those looking for the new dbz eps in english.

    *edited* Illegal Content -Deverz *edit*
  18. Antoine3323

    DBZ eps gone???

    I just read on a DBZ site that Cartoon Network is gonna take off DBZ from its normal Toonami slot on Jan. 22!! It will then only appear on Mon.-Wed. on Midnight Run and sat from 1-3!! And taht's it!! No more new episodes after that!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO