1. Suh Dude

    You know you're emotional when...

    you get slap by a person you like or love. :P (Forum game :D, okay your turn)
  2. 3

    Emotional Abstract

    Yesterday I felt a certain emotion that sparked a lot of creative ideas. I decided to put my ideas down on a blank canvas in photoshop, and make whatever came to mind. I know this is not decent, or good... I just felt like posting it. You can C&C if you want, I doubt I will change anything to...
  3. E

    most emotional dbz scenes ?

    the ones i thought were most emotional were 1) vegeta blowing self up 2) vegeta trying to give goku time to have a rest by getting himself beaten up by kid buu. 3) trunks dying from fingerzapzap thingi from cell. 4) goku and vegeta fusing into vegetto after long arguments. 5) sbomb killing...