1. KuBaN

    Re: Adv. Melee - 4 Minor but Effective Suggestions

    Wow, surprised you haven't shut this section of the forum down for at least a week prior to 1.2's release. You guys sure are brave. The melee system is friggin incredible. I find myself punching and kicking more than sleeping these days. Amazing what a handful of geniuses can do, and...
  2. Z

    a few filters, and some grunge

    and you get this: took me about 30 minutes to make.. i think it looks sweet crits?
  3. P

    An interesting idea

    Look, I know this is going to sound ridiculous, but what if...what if...there was an Oozaru transformation for sertain character modles egh? Like if the game get a Bardok model his transformation doesn't turn him into a SSJ, but into an Oozaru. Of course some adjustments will have to be made...
  4. VivaLaPineapple

    New Cd cover

    check it out http://1m40wny0455.deviantart.com/gallery/?start=1&limit=1&sort=date&order=desc&showpics=1 i like it took a couple mins to get it just right
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