1. M

    Cover Your Ears

    Mike Tyson signed onto Pride Fighting Championship, though it hasn't been stated what he signed on as (a fighter, a commentator, etcetera). Source: http://www.pridefc.com/pride2005/index.php?mainpage=news&news_id=814
  2. I

    Baby Gohan WIP

    im making a baby gohan model... all my other models/ model edits got erased because my computer had some type of error :S well here it is...
  3. Rebirah

    Made up my own anime char O_o

    I was bored so I decided to start my own anime char in photoshop :/ give critz on how to make him better.. (not finished)
  4. VivaLaPineapple

    since i finally reinstalled 3dsmax

    ive been doing a couple renders. what ya think i havent figured out what kind of hair style iw ant him to have.
  5. A

    PiCcOlO MoDeL!!

    Im working a picoclo model for esf. All my other models got whiped out, so I decided to make a piccolo. Heres a pic: :D Critz please. Sorry about the crappy render.
  6. T

    Dragon Ball : Last Bout.... Goku

    heres the battle damaged non ssj goku for dragon ball last bout mod (dblb.net if anyone is interested) tell me whatcha think, after this there will be ssj version then non battle damaged versions ill post them here too... and if u cant read the pic, skin by me, model by gjohn or aka [J]...
  7. Mistery X

    Saiyan Crusades Chibi Tunks WIP

    Here is what I've got so far.. gona make the rest of the arms soon and the hair to.. ssj and normal.. tell me what u guys think OH and I have a new website www.dbxme2.com thats what I havnt been online much ^_^
  8. A

    Megaman Model!

    Its to replace vegeta. We didnt do Megaman X, we kept it old school. Its for vegeta. its all animated,skin is done, except for the ears, wich aregoing to be re skinmapped :rolleyes: well.. maybe not.. And then shijing is gonna do sounds and sprites, while I do the trans :)
  9. Marauder

    Stream of tears

    something i wipped up :D
  10. G

    Yamcha (WIP)

    I decided to make a Yamcha model, I made it just to skin (This is not the skin) it but I might release for esf if it turns out good enough. Its more polies than I wanted (around 1800), and it needs some work. Heres a pic. http://ljdajd.tripod.com/ So I need crits for it.
  11. G

    New Krillen model

    http://www.angelfire.com/anime5/ljdajd/Krillen.JPG This is a new Krillen model I made. Its really not that great, and has quite a few polies too(2400). I was bored and I did not spend much time on it. I see the problems with the neck and torso, I want get better and learn so if you see any...
  12. S

    if only i had a scanner....

    then u could really c this drawing at its best.... ill try to scan it with the help of a friend with a scanner....but for now... btw, im not posting the real pic cause i want ur comments first. then ill post it. promise, just be honest http://www.geocities.com/s_t_s_om/DSC00013.JPG
  13. Super_Vegeta.LE

    70% goku, (WIP)

    heres a new one from me :) enjoy :D
  14. V

    could someone please tell me how to make the eyes in milkshape???

    can anyone tell me how to make the eyes on milkshape ive got the head completed except for the nose, ears, eyes, and eyebrows i could appreciate some help cause i just started yesterday:D :cool: :devsmile: :devgrin: :smile: :(
  15. owa

    My Drawing!

    hahaha. Well I did a little freehand drawing of Goku's head, and yes it is not nearly as good as Ryoko's, Cucs, or the Chimp, but then again I haven't drawn sense the Character contest thing for ESF. Anyways here it is, and I relize his chin is pointy, comments or Critz would be helpful...
  16. T

    SSJ2 Majin Vegeta

    how do u like it? its not done yet i still plan on texturing the hair http://hstrial-lleps.homestead.com/files/sjlkdjflsj.jpg http://hstrial-lleps.homestead.com/files/ssj2bnb.jpg UPDATE heres a new pic and model http://myristate.bgmod.com//images/materiali/ssjvegeta.mdl
  17. M

    VASH T.S wip

    http://forums.dragonballquake.net/attachment.php?s=&postid=30919 its kinda near completetion now http://forums.dragonballquake.net/attachment.php?s=&postid=30997 i think ill post up some wackky animations
  18. G

    Modell question ..

    I was wondering , How do I regroup a modell ? I'm going to skinn a modell , and I need to regroup , Like ears, body , head , legs . And stuff like that . But I can't do it becouse all those dots .. They come alond when I wanna move a selected form and screw up the hole modell .. By the way...
  19. |Da|K|

    Hello can you guys help me...

    ok can some one plz tell me how u make them look sooo good like the battel damaged vegeta how do u make it look so real and stuff thx.. :devil:
  20. SA_Gohan


    Just like the topic says. It's normal form Gotenks. Sor far I've done the upper arms, torso, and head, plus the fusion jacket. It's about 1,088 so far, and I have a poly limit of 3,000, but I'm kinda hoping to keep it low enough to be used in Half Life, but that doesn't look like it's going to...
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