1. The Deco

    All of you dutch who can see this

    I just want to tell you that me and my family were there for you in the World Cup the all time and especially in the finals. We are proud you reached the finals and hardly lost, you fought to your last breath. It is disappointing you lost to Spain but you got to the finals which is very...
  2. Sicron

    [For The Dutch] HOLY **** !

    if this happens...im gonna eat my socks....vossen monster? omg....
  3. G

    Dutch IRC takeover o/

  4. <DeurWaardeR>

    For Dutch People: www.energypoll.tk

    check out this site and awnser 5 simple questions svp. it's voor a school asignment! Thanx
  5. Silver.Nikan.

    Dutch Melee

    Hi, I'm dutch and the text on the mainpage , i don't understand it,.. can someone plz tell me in Dutch thnx.
  6. N


    i have a clan-site, and i need a logo, sounds cool 2 me, some1 make a logo 4 me? dont matter whats in it. but plz i want to see ''e.s.f'' in the logo, thx iin advance ps: my site is dutch, but i wanted to show anyhoe: my esf clan
  7. Silver.Nikan.


    Hi i've got a question, Where can i download aura's for ESF? I've searched Google but cannot find anything.... I need this kind of aura's: - SSJ Aura - SSJ2 Aura - Electric Aura - Big Aura Can someone help me please ?? ( If there are errors in my post , i'm dutch ;) )...
  8. M

    Dutch Dragonball Z Site

    Ik heb al een tijdje een Nederlandse DBZ site nou kijk maar en laat commentaar achter tu www.maistrodbzplanet.tk I have a Dutch DBZ site for some time now its no use for any people besides dutch people to watch it because they cant read it but u can still look it has a great gif section and...
  9. Mystacx

    Clan Mapper needed

    Ok we just started a clan (its the $$|NL G||$$ clan) and we need a clan mapper: We are searching for a mapper that is dutch and want to join the clan and make maps that are only for this clan ($$|NL G||$$). Plz no spam Peace, Mystic
  10. D

    ESF dutch pack

    i am gonna make a esf dutch pack this will be 1. dutch language 2. new vgui photo's if you know more stuff to add or change plz let me know *update* ok buu and goku are now dutch :)
  11. G


    Look at what I made!
  12. G


    OMFG OMG OMG OMG Yorin is gonna broadcast Dragon Ball Grand Tour :D:D:D:D /me very happy weeeeeee They say Soon, so i dunno when its on. Thx to Skyrider for telling me it was on :D:D:D
  13. G

    Dutch?? American??

    hey guys, yesterday I posted a threat about the bots, and I had 10 replies from 7 people or something like that. What I'm trying to say is that 6 from the 7 people were from Holland, I'm from Holland too and I just wanted to know, how many Dutch people are there on this forum??????? It's...
  14. S

    Chibi Trunks (Buu Saga)

    Hey There, Do any of you know if there's a Chibi Trunks model from the Buu Saga available, I got the Goten model, it rocks, but I'm kinda missin' Trunks with it, just to have in battle with you just makes the feeling more right... Can anyone let me know ??? !!! Greetz, Snake D
  15. Fenumeher

    for all dutch people who watches cartoon network

    is het bij jullie ook opgevallen dat dragonball z niet wordt uitgezonden op cartoon network in belgië en nederland? Het zou wel stom zijn als het niet op tv komt, voor dbz heb ik alleen al cart netw Ik hoop dat het binnekort verranderd
  16. D

    2 things

    Hi u people i designt 2 things here they are : first a wall paper : Wallpaper and another one. if u dont know what they are.. these 2 things are Eyes. Link
  17. M

    req. drawing tuts

    can someone please give some tuts of learning how to draw manga's and stuff?? i've already got polykarbon.com but i dont get it, i would really like it if it was a dutch site 2 or an english.
  18. dudeman

    USSJ Trunks

    hey all, this is the stuff i make when im bored... i draw it myself and color it on mah comp. comments? anyone? o_o
  19. B


    i no what he like. he like to make lava lake go tu the tutorial site to get some !!!!!!!!!!!!:tired:
  20. S


    hi guys i need some dutch help for modelling or some dutch turtorials (i dont know how too spell);D so try to help me dutch guys!!!:talk:
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