1. elNarr

    Best motherboard for Core 2 Quad-/ Duo ?

    Right, so my mobo is fried right now and i need to get a new one. I've been thinking about getting Abit IP35, but i'm not sure if i should get that. Any advice? Oh and, my CPU right now is e6420 but i'm planning on getting the newest Quad-Core out there in summer.
  2. Eon

    The Duo is back once again! o/

    Check out my sig (I've been using it for a while) and Teh Miroku's siggah! \o/ How do you guys like this new duo? :p
  3. Guru_San

    Any Anime SuperHero duo's?

    Hey All, Me and [email protected] are wanting a Co logo, but we want to get a Super Hero duo and edit it for us, but i had an idea about having an Anime Duo. So does anyone no any Anime Super Hero Duo's??? From Guru, p.s. click on the 5xG Logo in our sigs :D