1. dudeman

    dudema.. wha? who?

    Yo peeple. The oldsk00 dewds among you most certainly know me and my awesome reputation, but for those green ones under us that have not yet felt the enlightenment of defective brain, but the ultimate freedom in creation that such a play of nature can develop, uhm.. nah nevermind, just ask...
  2. dudeman


    i tried out some new stuff and made this: havent done any graphics for quite a long while.. so my skills have sunken a lil.. but im backing up :) as usual.. crits, comments welcome :)
  3. dudeman

    It's time for something TOTALLY new!

    lo peeps we've seen flash stuff, all sorts of artworks, such as photoshop abstract, 3d rendered abstract, drawings, cg art, and much more.. now one thing ive never seen before is a 3d rendered film.. maybe im missed it but i think im the first...
  4. Death The Jedi

    Claw (it has 2d!!!)

  5. dudeman

    The Great ESF Group picture :)

    i might add some more ppl that wanna be on it.. anyways, how ya guys like it? grtz, da d00d (changed host to redsaiyan) (changed host to lycos)
  6. dudeman

    john davis

    john davis in cartoon style.. how ya guys like it?
  7. Demi-Shadow

    My first Bryce piece

    I've made a few before but this is my first one I actually tried on. I'm happy with the results, took about 20 minutes to make and about 5 to render it. comments? Click here to view it
  8. dudeman

    Phear and Demon

    since lotsa ppl are using bryce lately i decided to try some too.. i used the same renders but different styles..
  9. dudeman

    a new dudeman figure

    comments? suggestions?
  10. dudeman

    800x600 WP of my drawings

    i made a 800x wp outta my "dudeman" drawings.. i dont really like the bg, coult get it the way i wanted.. but still i like the wp myself.. i wanted to make it 1024x but then the pics would be too washed out or too small for the wp oh and there are also some new dudeman drawings in it :)
  11. dudeman

    new wallaper... again

    comments? anyone?
  12. Loki

    Avatar request

    Um I think dudeman was the last one to make one of these for me, the ones where it flashs inbetween different pics and my name. Well I want one with 2 pics of chi (Chobits) and then my name. It rotates over and over. EDIT*- U'za all lazy
  13. B

    what you

    i can help you send my you map an i complin for you en send it back ik got qbsp not qbsp2 thad i got not just qbsp1
  14. VivaLaPineapple

    another wp

    http://www.deviantart.com/view/863111 yeah u know u love it....and if u ont oh well
  15. dudeman

    SSJ2 Gohan drawing

    hey all, i drew a SSJ2 Gohan and colored it with computer, no examples where used.. opninions plz?
  16. Jonka

    Average sig?

    Well this sig I made is for the game battlefield 1942 and I made it for the forums of the clan Im in and havent posted it yet so need comments on if anyhting needs to be changed.
  17. Phobius

    WP Contest Voting

    Wallpaper Contest. I've decided too do some artwork contests. For the first week it will be a wallpaper contest, then we will do some scanned art image contests and go from there. Their are some rules I wanted to go over before we start this. All images need to be posted by Sunday, Septemeber...
  18. Synth

    Movie 8 map request

    Im not a skilled mapper myself, you should see what i tried to make with world craft. i had a open warehouse with a zombie army on one end then a horde of scientist on the other. with 2 giants crates in the middle centered from each other. behind the scientist i had a ladder they led up to a...