1. -Origin

    3dsmax help

    Hey there, I got a question: I'm trying to edit a model in 3dsmax, but I can't import .mdl or .smd files. It wants a proper import module, which I can't find anywhere...... help please?
  2. R

    Camo Goku

    Hi all, I made a second reskin, but for Goku Look just this screen: If few people like it, i will publish it...
  3. K

    skinning question

    Is it possible to take a skin off a Bid For Power model and put it on a esf model without having to change anything on the model?
  4. B

    NEW GREAT Gogeta

    Here my Gogeta its for esf 1.1 and evm
  5. E


    I started doing this kinda style last night, and I have been messing with it today, adn this is what I ended up with. http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/2371077
  6. MajinPuNk


  7. M

    help witch milkshape

    can anyone help me witch milkshape im trying to amke a model sow i need help plz help me guy's thnx :)
  8. S

    trunks when he went back to his time

    im made this cuz i was bored and tired of animating (hmm... where have i heard this before). its trunks when he went back into his time. i made this in like ten mins. credits to Xstortionist Mastasurf Turk and black raidan.
  9. M

    devil (the dude that crashes servers)

    sup, not to be stupid or anything, but whats the point of getting devils WONID??? including it seems to remain the same??? besides it doesnt seem to matter, he's still gonna come back. =/\/\C
  10. Suh Dude


    i was bord so i made this
  11. S

    ok heres ESF_MAKO_REACTOR!

    ok i have been working on this for a day and its my secound map ^_^ its still not finished i have alot of work to do lol i did alot of it yesturday and i forgot to save and my pc crashed and lost a hell of alot of work i had mako water fall faling out the reactor top...
  12. S

    Alright people heres my new Model!

    Red Sayian Goku I giving you Red Sayian Vegeta now heres goku!!!! CREDITS: Mr Smo ((For the model)) and me ((The new Skin))
  13. E

    does someone have ssj4 vegeta??

    does someone have ssj4 vegeta o_o
  14. MaX

    I Hate It When U Modelers Do This!!!!.

    WHEN U SHOW PICS OF MODELS THAT FANS OR ANYBODY WILL EVERPLAY WITH.for example. *Shask:wow a freeza form 4 better check it out: *modeler:heres my Freeza form 4 pics. BTW i wont be releasing it. :Shask:SWEET MODEL IT LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE HIM...WTF SCREW U THEN. cause its so cheap when u cant get...
  15. R

    Some stuff I did while my internet was down....

    :D I finally got my internet back,and a few days before I've done some smilies that might be sorta boring,but what the heck,there's of course one you'll dont wanna miss,some of them on this forum already,or not needed....but anyways....:D <img...
  16. Optional


    Who made it? Can you release it? :cry:
  17. S

    need help with a tutorial

    I could need some help here: "Next load make sure Milkshape is the active application and press ALT + Print Scrn. This will copy an image of the Milkshape application. Load Photoshop and use File > New to create a new image. Name the file ref_ body and click “OK”. Using the selection...
  18. Ultra33Gokussj3

    Super Buu Done

    Alright , i have made super buu , next i l doo super buu in Gotenks , Gohan forms , the buu is in 1.1 format , and its done ! :laff: :laff: Onli please no oftopic talk Sorry magus.... Credit to: Azn - Body Real modeler of buu - head Heres pic! I hope its good , it took me...
  19. M

    Question at Ultra33Gokussj3 !!!!!!!!

    Hi i have question !!!!! Ok i see many Bojack gohan models but they are even ssj2 can you make A Bojack Gohan that is fist normal and then ssj2 ? I ask you because i love all your edits !!!!!!!! You are a very good and improved modeler so if you do please contact me in ICQ 268549120 or with mail...
  20. sexyasian86

    last tribute: GUNDAM model }wip{

    GUNDAM model (WIP) well here is my WIP of a gundam. gonna get some help from ssj4gogetenks. but made that head last night and it's the first model i'm actually dong on my own. well making this for a new mod im in. hope you guys like it, havent really added in the detail parts of the head...