1. Kaination

    So I just got a Droid phone... :3

    I love it to death. Can anyone recommend me some good apps, for any droid users out there?
  2. Kaination

    Just got a new droid phone (Samsung Epic), app recommendations?

    Well, does anyone here use a droid phone? if so, what are some good apps to get me jump started?
  3. Zeonix

    Droid Infantry Replaces Military Next Year

    Give or take 60 years. http://www.livescience.com/technology/061215_humanoid_robot.html If the Japanese would stop building robots that dance and greet people, they might be at our level o_O.
  4. Growler

    Terminator Droid (No, it really doesn't kill, lol...)

    Original Design, not based off of anything but my head :)
  5. S

    Android 17 and 18

    First of all , my first post so Hiya all :) Iv been looking around for a good android 17 and 18 model , after hours of reading on the forum and looking around i found a model of #17 (still gotta test it) , and talk about a Android Pack been made by -S-Bolt--, but that threat was from a...
  6. Optional

    esf_118mountains ?

    looks cool but 1 question... esf_highway or esf_118mountains? esf_highway is what it says in the thumbnail, esf_118mountains is what it says in the actual full size pic
  7. S

    lost models....

    um whatever happened to that bad @$$ ssj2 gohan model that bile made? and what ever happened to that awesome lookin android 18 model that s-bolt made? Just some questions that i was hopeing could be answered! if u have questions about a lost model, feel free to post!
  8. Logan4434

    17 Wip

    well its been a while since ive modeled and yesterday my phones went out so i had nothing to do so i worked on a 17(BTW need a skinner to finish it for me) for those of you who want credits: smo for torso azn for everythingelse besides arms and feet arms and bandana were made by me:laff...
  9. B

    gotenks wip

    since there isnt any push anymroe because ill never release android pack, ive desided to start a new model, gotenks MORE PICS HERE i know there should be some edge turning and i know the edges that needs to be turned, anyway, what you think? critz and suggestions always welcome ...
  10. P

    Need a model!!

    Can some one make a Model of C18 in this cloth http://dbz.dragon-baby.org/dbz/android18.html i know it are a bad pic but it was the best i can find
  11. R

    The Androids

    i want to ask if anyone of you are making androids. Not real androids but the skins of them :)
  12. C


    What about Android 13 the big blue guy?He would be a pretty cool replacement model. Lookin for a pic.
  13. J

    Android 17

    Im workin on an Android 17 model. All i need to finish the body is a good pic of his gun, then i'll start the head. It might get into ESF, but it might have too many polies. It's 1850 now and should be ~2200 with the head. If you have a good ref pic of his gun, plz post it! and...
  14. D

    face but 4 who ...

    hi i made a face only i dont know 4 wich character it is, u may choose. here a pic, dont be 2 hard on critisising the model its my first :P Url removed!
  15. B

    android 18 WIP

    yeah i know that i should work on android 16 (im still working on him dont worry) here is something i made 2 hours ago (just finished) its the head of android 18 ... more pics here NO ITS NOT A SKIN ITS JUST COLORED GROUPS ! DONT YOU DARE TO SAY THAT THE SKINS IS OFF OR I WILL...
  16. J


    I was in a modeling-mood and whipped up some quick pants in like 30 mins. The only problem is I dont know which character to make from the pants!!! help me decide :) I think i wanna make an android, maybe 17 or 18, or possibly someone out of dbz :p Oh and people awaiting the sonic im...
  17. E

    Latest Models

    thougth id post my latest stuff around here, been forgeting all the time anyway, heres nappa, i forgot the legs armor, 1800 polys and theeen heres janemba! around 700 polys atm, i model my models at around 1500-1800 polys now, nearly all good engines support it, apart...
  18. DaKD

    #17 Wip

    heres my android 17 wip i said id make, i know its kinda hard to see on the blk bg but i was lazy and didnt change it:fight: www.geocities.com/javkrd20/a17preview1.jpg www.geocities.com/javkrd20/a17preview2.jpg
  19. Bryggz

    Where do i go next?

    Hey guys im really not sure where to head with my modeling edits and such, so im running this poll....lets hope i do this right
  20. U

    All the models there can be...

    I was wondering why I wouldn't try to make a Thread about asking you guys what models there allready are and what models are being made ass we speak. Give links, download links, pictures, etc. I know allready a link that most of you guys probably also know... http://www.redsaiyan.net...