1. Heron

    Israeli technology turns air into drinking water

    http://www.jpost.com/Sci-Tech/Article.aspx?id=262203 Rishon Lezion-based company Water-Gen takes up a project challenge to ensure troops have access to water at all times: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDh-LFtpfbs&feature=player_embedded Any thoughts on this? Why should we make the...
  2. Deman

    Drinking and Dragons, Dungeons and Drinking.

    Whatever sounds better to you. I know some of us like to tabletop role play. I also know that many of us are of drinking age who also fit into the previous category. So tonight, me and a few friends are playing a one shot DnD game tonight with drinking game rules as well. The dm just gave...
  3. M

    Drugs Found in Drinking Water

    Source: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080309/ap_on_re_us/pharmawater_i;_ylt=As.sBKbEwtBbUi9Fir6UHyis0NUE Please don't turn this into a thread about conspiracy theories.
  4. frsrblch

    Reading Week - Let the drinking commence

    Well, it's official - I'm done for the week. I have a pair of skis, two dozen of Nova Scotia's finest India Pale Ale, and a whole week to fill with copious amounts of drinking and debauchery. I even have apple pears. This week is going to be epic. Anyone else done yet, or are you poor...
  5. Rayos

    What are you drinking

    New thread...forget what you are listening to. What are ya drinking. Well it is 11 oclock...been drinking for half an hour...one of the few nights i can have liquor left before my surgery so i went out and bought Black and gold Sake. Came with the sake cups. Not too bad...bit...
  6. B

    Drinking And Driving

    I saw this video and it made me think. Perhaps some of you have already seen it. http://www.helpjacqui.com/videoclips/zero_0100_3m.mpg This is her webpage. http://www.helpjacqui.com/home.htm Crazy, crazy world. :\
  7. G

    Teen Drinking Is Very Bad!!! So is the WWE

    This is what happens when you try this at home :laff: And its funny as hell too. http://media.skoopy.com/vids/vid_00311.wmv