1. yopyop

    donno how to fix

    so thats the only error massage (from the ones i had since i'm mapping :P) that i donno how to locate and fix :cry: pleaz could you help me?? --Warning: Leaf portals saw into leaf Problem at portal between leaves 82 and 80:-- thx :yes:
  2. StriKe!

    King Vegeta (edited with paint tho:()

    Well, it should look like King vegeta:) i edited most with paint cause im not an artist and my adobe ran out of time hehe... hope you "like" it.. (dont be to hard on me) oow yes and official model by ESF team and some animations by...
  3. T


    Some one really needs to make a cool piccolo skin of him being big or something or a lord slug skin.
  4. X

    I donno if anyone has noticed....(FPS Problems?)

    But most of the things in ESF lower your FPS big time. I was wondering if they would be tweaked/changed in the next release? Recharg Aura Brings down my FPS by 30 Points and when someone causes a huge ass explosion not only do I die but I lag before I respawn cause it covers the entier...
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