1. DJ-Ready

    ESF-World domain problems

    In case you were wondering why and .de aren't working right now, we're working on a solution for that. However, is still working as usual. The .com and .de were redirecting you to that place anyways. so, spread the word ;P
  2. Skyrider

    Needing Free Domain?

    Since this has to do with Earth Special Forces, I'm adding this in the ESF Chat section. I'm seeing a lot of addons, plugins, etc websites all dead & down. So, if any of you needs a free domain, i can get you guys one. I think a lot of you are already quite familiar with the HL2Files Free...
  3. Suh Dude

    Free Hosting! ( Free Domain Names Too! )

    Free Hosts //////////// ---------------------- Name: X10Hosting Link: Specifications: Free Webhost with CPANEL/RVSKIN + Manually put ads. 2500MB Space + 45000GB bandwidth amount monthly. Review: This host is absolutely the best. They treat you if you were their...
  4. J

    A new Mod :)

    Well. I am leading a new mod. It is under private developing right now and not released to public. But I was getting bored so I desided to share with u guys the MODs HUD copy link to ur address bar to see :) well post what you think. its for...
  5. S

    BIGGER KAMAHAMAHA just like the shows !!

    um yeah i have a kamahamaha like that just made it, took me 3 weeks to make, and you can see through it, BUT. in side that hugh KAmaahamaha theres the reguler kamahamaha. but you can still see the person or ppl in that bad boy. AND!!! this pack i alrdy have have sprites and the explosions are...
  6. S

    Buying domain, help me decide

    I'm currently thinking of buying a domain for forums. If you want a forum that will look like RS. vote for If you want a forum that will look different from RS , but with same style but on another name. Vote for thanks for...
  7. K

    I need someone!!!

    I need someone to host my dbgt music video that i made. I cant find anything on the web that is free:) IM cheep. LOL
  8. B

    goku jr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    guy i will release a skin from GG. tell me if i broke a rule or not i didn't read the tired too lazy Sorry guys but i don't know how to take ashot of my skinz but heres the download If u can't download it wil here...