1. F

    Transparent trees as frieza disks ftw!

    Yeah, um. I have a minor problem. Everytime I see someone charge up a frieza disk... It's a transparent tree. Now, I don't know HOW this happened. My guess is that it's the fact that I have every map from esf-world. Now of course I messed around with it deleted tree models n ****. But...
  2. RoshkoMasta

    NEW! DarkSun's Disks For ESF 1.2 [WPremission!]

    the other one was closed cause of stupid spammers I hope this one wont, (btw - I think that its stupid rule that if pplz dont want their thread closed - then they should get a warning for asking pplz not to help that situation - the closing of a thread) anyways anyways, DS knowbs what...
  3. RoshkoMasta

    DarkSun's Disks For ESF 1.2

    (with premission a dl link will be edited into this post) basicly its just a skin change for the current alpha style Disks I've seen that in the alpha you used models to use the disks ingame <center>PAY ATTENTION: ALPHA STYLE DISKS FOR ESF1.2 = MODELS AS DISKS, NOT SPRITES AS IN...


    Hey guys, Just a question: Now that disks don't crash the game anymore, do u think it should be used more ? I use them quite often (got kicked for it also quite often :S )because they are fair now i think: it 's so easy to doch them so.... Or are tehre still people who think: get rid of...
  5. I

    Surviving Disks and Catching Balls???

    lol nice name. Thought it was my turn to make a thread. :laff: Back onto the topic, I've seen 2 threads each entitled in the title of my threads name, confused yet?, how bout with mix n match these 2 threads and come up with Catching Disks? If you are on that high a powerlevel over the...
  6. T

    about servers banning the use of disks..

    This pisses me off, I know it causes the server to crash but is this going be fixed in the next patch? I mean krillin is weak enough already and destructo disk is hard to kill with but banned making him a useless character, why not just take him out of the game. Freiza disk is cheezy but...
  7. L

    new disks

    Krillin disk http://www.angelfire.com/comics/lior/destructodisk.zip Frieza disk http://www.angelfire.com/comics/lior/friezadisk.zip new disks by my :laff:
  8. S

    Disks and Gohan's Shiled

    can the ESF team make those disks and those gohan shiled to UNCRUSHING servers? i cant use disks cuz it crushes the server. and i cant do gohan shiled cuz it crushes the server. and what the ESF team make those attack for? for u to attack(...) but we cant attack right? so what im...
  9. Eon

    A Suggestion about the disks.

    Maybe to stop the weird disk effects, or just for the hell of it, maybe it would be possible to have a disk simply disappear once it hits a person? Or Maybe the idea is just too much of a petty one from teh Magus :P (I'm not back, just I'll be offically "back" in a week and half, and...
  10. O

    Should you be able to Block Disks or Absorb them with Sheild?

    well in the show nappa cought kirllins disk and many other times krillins disk was blocked or ignored do you think it would be better to have the ability to absorb disks or block them??? would make people stop calling everyone who uses disk a whore just my opinion what do you guys think
  11. Wuying Ren

    Freezer disks

    Everyone say freezer disks are unrealistik. But in book 27 page 183 he say that the disks can destroy all materials. They are unfair thats right, in the next beta he should only get the disk with a very high level (turbo freezer). Because in the book he use it only as turbo Freezer. He use...
  12. .FM.


    how are the disks going to work in the next version? o_o
  13. MONXver1.5


    What are you gonna do about them?
  14. Whitecrab

    Maybe the Disks are a necessary part of ESF.

    Well I'm not sure about this but I've done some thinking and I thought I'd better share a reason or two I realised that makes disks (I'm mostly talking about Frieza/Cell's, but I guess Krillin's is at stake here too) an important balancing force in ESF. :shocked: Here we go. If you're too...
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