1. SS4 Gogeta

    New species discovered in Greater Mekong some pics That green Pit Viper looks...
  2. Zeonix

    4-Legged Fish Fossil Discovered

  3. sub

    Pre-dinosaur era burrow discovered in Antarctica I thought it was interesting
  4. Zeonix

    Really, Really Old Trees Discovered

    Source: I'm surprised that these trees haven't been cut down yet. I'm also surprised that these 8000 year old trees are older than the Universe. Forgive me.
  5. M

    Frog Without Lungs Discovered;_ylt=AicrLeYS0YIYWwae0CNLFGqs0NUE
  6. DragonDude

    New Planet Discovered, "Earth's Bigger Cousin" We've finally found a extrasolar terrestrial planet, just when people thought all we were going to keep finding were more "hot Jupiters." This bugger is 7.5x Earth's mass, twice the diameter, and has a two day long...
  7. maxigt

    Kamehameha spite help

    Does anyone know which bone goku's kamehameha is attached to:confused: I need to know so I can do Vegetto's (japanese) Anyendapura.
  8. R

    weird bug i discovered some time ago....

    ack....what the HECK is Cell doing with that disk?!Make it a tutu?! <img src=""> I'm not sure about how to reproduce it,but I know it isn't the model.Last time I played it wasnt like that.Good thing it happened only once to me hehe.
  9. Ultraq

    ma animation!!

    Hi .. i think this goes in models forum even thu it doesn't say animations, it only says models/skins but yeah anyway .. i am basically new to animating, this is my first animation EVER ... well not really first ever .. i strated it the day before yester day, but then i discovered some...
  10. N

    New MOD 'discovered'...

    I think I discovered a nice, new mod... (don't know for sure if it's new though) It's called Arcanna Mysteria Magica, and if you want to know more, check this out. I haven't played it yet, but i thought the screenshots looked good and the idea's very good too. Just trying to get the mod some...
  11. B

    Modelling help.

    Ok I'm sure you guys have heard this lots of times before but I'm thinking about starting to model and I'm just wondering what's the best program to use and where can I get it. Also if anyone knows if there it any decent tutorials out there that would help. Anything else than anyone else can be...